Government agrees to give property to UGA at no cost

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ATHENS, Ga. --- The federal government will give the Navy Supply Corps School to the University of Georgia for a medical campus without charge, the U.S. Department of Education said Monday.

The free land is contingent on Navy approval, but it is the second major hurdle UGA has cleared in administrators' efforts to bring a Medical College of Georgia satellite to Athens.

The Navy still must sign off on the deal and approve a reuse plan submitted in the fall by the Navy School Local Redevelopment Authority, a group of Athens officials and residents.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also has to sign off on UGA's plan to pay a group of nonprofits about $8 million to build new clinics, shelters and other facilities. Federal law requires that the transfer of closed military bases somehow benefits the homeless.

Officials said they are not sure when HUD or the Navy will announce their decisions.

The state Legislature also must fund the medical campus within the next two years or the Navy could sell half of the base for private development, according to the deal between the university and the authority.

The state House has included $7.2 million in next year's budget to plan, hire faculty and renovate a building for the medical school until the Navy vacates its campus in 2011. The budget still needs the approval of the Senate and Gov. Sonny Perdue.

Administrators hope to begin training the first class of about 40 future doctors by the fall of 2009 and later convert the building into a research center.

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Riverman1 03/25/08 - 06:30 am
So the $7,2 million funding

So the $7,2 million funding comes before MCG Augusta receives funding for the agreed to expansion here?

patriciathomas 03/25/08 - 07:31 am
Closing a military base must

Closing a military base must profit the homeless. What a country. Vote Socialist!!

paulwheeler 03/25/08 - 10:04 am
Let's see, $7.2 million

Let's see, $7.2 million already in the budget for a facility that has not been vacated yet, HUD is emptying out Gilbert Maner, soon to be a ghost town and so far, no check from MCG?
What am I missing? It must be a lot of fun to play with taxpayer dollars.
Obviously this is not an area where "less government is better".
Sonny and the Republicans believe in government as long as produces something they want, regardless of the dubious nature of the end result.

Da Voice Inside Your Head
Da Voice Inside Your Head 03/25/08 - 10:14 am
This is the first step of the

This is the first step of the move of MCG to Athens. At first it will be little things, but before it's over the Former MCG Campus will be a satallite.Maybe they'll leave the Dental school.Dr Rahn is a traitor. We need a person with local ties to be the President of MCG. Of course our worthless local deligation has no power. As much as I hate to say it, at least Charles Walker looked out for the LOCAL Intrest. Too bad he looked out for his and his Family's too.The camel has gotten his nose under the tent. More is sure to follow.

read this
read this 03/25/08 - 12:17 pm
Why is it important that MCG

Why is it important that MCG be exclusive to Augusta? Does it not make any sense that the facilities in Athens may be quite suitable for training more doctors? I don't think you could squeeze the whole of MCG onto the Naval Supply property. Are we simply looking out for number one when we say leave MCG where it is? Is that good for Georgia? How does it benefit a Doctor to be educated in Augusta instead of Athens? I think you need to formulate an argument that has concrete reasoning, before you lobby to keep MCG. These questions need answers. Just asking.

Roycliff 03/25/08 - 12:49 pm
Comments seem to indicate

Comments seem to indicate that MCG is a medical school only.
All the concern is about the medical school, while MCG is made up of five schools. The total enrollment of MCG is 2400 while the School of Medicine is 745. Adding another 240 students in Athens over the next 12 years isn't going to shut down MCG. In fact, while students are being added in Athens, MCG will be adding students in Augusta. Chicken Little is alive a well.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 03/25/08 - 02:52 pm
You are correct, Roycliff.

You are correct, Roycliff. And not to fret, everyone. Our brother Quincy Murphy will be bringing home the bacon -- he is putting together the package to buy the Gilbert Manor land and build the building for MCG right here in Augusta. For some reason, he is not good at getting his successes in print.

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