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'i am legend'

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Katherine Heigl stars in "27 Dresses."  20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox
Katherine Heigl stars in "27 Dresses."



MY THOUGHTS: Will Smith stars in I Am Legend , arguably the best performance of his career. His character, Dr. Robert Neville, works to find a cure for a virus that has infected virtually all of New York City's population, killing most and transforming others into "dark seekers," mutants who feed on human flesh but are sensitive to UV rays.

The film depicts Dr. Neville's life, which he has dedicated to finding a cure for the viral infection after the loss of his family. This is a great, action-packed epic that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, the ending is abrupt and seemingly empty compared with the rest of the film. Overall, a decent plot paired with great acting make I Am Legend a motion picture that is definitely worth seeing.


-- Lauren Kellems

'27 dresses'



MY THOUGHTS: A good movie, despite some lackluster supporting actors and a mediocre script. Flashes of rhetorical wit shine through, but not nearly often enough. The first hour or so will allow all unhappily single girls time to commiserate with Jane, but afterward the only emotion you feel toward her is jealousy and exasperation with her whiny narcissism. The plot has no surprises, no twists and minimal amounts of interesting sexual behavior. The only scene with any sort of realism or beauty is when the two lead characters sing a horrible rendition of Elton John's Benny and the Jets .


-- Hilary Matfess

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