Patrols cut road dangers

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In the past year, Richmond County police say they have seen a drop in several types of dangerous accidents.

Recently released numbers from 2007 show efforts to increase speed enforcement on some of the county's busiest roads have led to reductions in the number of injuries, crashes and fatalities, according to sheriff's Sgt. Pete Lamb.

He said the department has tried to have more visibility.

"I think folks may have started getting used to or expecting speed enforcement more often, particularly on Bobby Jones and some of the areas where speed is really a problem," Sgt. Lamb said.

The number of fatal wrecks decreased by 11 percent with 32 deaths in 2007, while the number of crashes with injuries dropped by 1.5 percent, statistics show. Reductions were also seen in crashes without injuries, and speed-related crashes.

Sgt. Lamb said problems still remain on such areas as Interstate 20, where the recent construction work has made it more difficult to catch speeders.

"They've taken the shoulders away for most of that stretch, so we've got no place to sit to get anybody, and certainly if we had a place to get them, there is no place to pull them over," he said.

He said the department has increased the number of cars that patrol near the work zone and the frequency with which they visit the area.

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Fatal wrecks 32 11.0
Crashes with injuries 1,557 1.5
Crashes without injuries 6,826 6.8
Speed injury crashes 142 26.0
Non-injury speed crashes N/A 31.0

Police also made 1,511 DUI cases, issued 9,459 speeding citations and 2,556 citations for seat belt and child restraint violations.

Source: Sgt. Pete Lamb

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As It Is
As It Is 01/05/08 - 05:36 am
Not only do we "sit and try

Not only do we "sit and try to get them" but some actually maintian high visibility in an effort to reduce speeds without the need to write every person a ticket. It's kind of a damned if you do and damned if you don't issue but proper traffic enforcement with warnings and high visibility can work wonders with the local citizens along with the use of equipment noting your speed vs. the speed limit.

TakeAstand 01/05/08 - 03:10 pm
I wonder how many of those

I wonder how many of those were alcohol related. I thank you as it is for your hard work for such crummy But after all you guys hard work, it makes me sick to see all the lawyers and judges come together to let these people with 3, 4, 5 duis go with little to no jail time until they kill someone. You guys do the hard work and bring them in with hard evidence on a silver platter only to let them keep being sorry pos's that will eventually kill an innocent person. No one should have 5 duis.. you should be in jail for life if you cant control yourself from drinking and driving after that many times being caught, only God knows how many other times not caught. Someone has to protect the public from you. I know a guy that has 11 in 3 states, ont he news this one guy the other had 9 between 2 states. It's pathetic.

me1 01/05/08 - 03:45 pm
Being en ex deputy in

Being en ex deputy in Richmond county, most DUI's I arrested were 1st offense. But the rest, already suspended for previous DUI or DUI's. Judges need to apply stiffer sentences to these offenders. Sgt. Lamb and the rest of the Sheriffs office can only so so much when they dont get the backing of the courts. The legislatures and lawyers that get caught, and also the cops that drive drunk should be the LAST ones youd expect to see getting arrested for this. Put them in jail to.

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