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'arctic tale'



THE PLOT: Nature and the struggles of growing up in the hostile, harsh and amazingly beautiful Arctic are the subjects of this documentary, which focuses on a baby walrus, Selah, and a baby polar bear, Namu. Narrated by Queen Latifah and produced by National Geographic. With stunning underwater and den footage, the Arctic comes alive.

MY THOUGHTS: Concern for the planet and global warming should be on everyone's mind, but this might not be the exact avenue for getting the message across. This movie at times gets a little gory with the animals killing for food. Although it's realistic, it might be too graphic for young children. The contemporary pop music adds a fun touch to the film, and Queen Latifah's jokes keep you entertained. As an environmentalist, I love the fact that the film focuses on the effects of global warming, because we should all be concerned for our planet.


-- Jennifer Grant

'finding beauty in negative spaces'

THE BAND: Seether


RATING: Contains explicit lyrics

MY THOUGHTS: This is the first Seether CD that I have gotten (it's their fifth release), and I enjoyed it so much, I will probably forever be a fan. With frontman Shaun Morgan writing most of the easy-to-relate-to songs, such as Fake It and Six Gun Quota, and great music to go along with it, this is one of the best rock CDs that I have heard all year. The only problem is how angry he sounds on some of the songs, but at least they're good when you're having a bad day, right?


-- Shelby Menard

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