Empty Stocking Fund donations

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Previously acknowledged $46,263.00
George and Marjorie Milne $20.00
Tammra Nelson 25.00
Olin and Drucilla Wood 5.00
Wayne Robinson 20.00
Joe and Barbara Ellington 25.00
Anonymous 30.00
Mr. and Mrs. J. Elliott Woodward 25.00
Leo and Constance Boehmer 25.00
Anonymous 20.00
James and Kay Heard 100.00
Melvin and Kay Dobbs 25.00
Cheryl Cheek 10.00
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Clark 100.00
In Memory of Elsie Mathews 50.00
Joan Kennedy 20.00
Nancy and David Pund 25.00
W.F.K. and C.A.K 25.00
In memory of Elsie and Pepper Martin and Edna and Dudley Bowen 100.00
Barry and Sherri Fuller 50.00
In memory of Edward Green and Leslie Green 50.00
First Insurance Agency 100.00
Anonymous 50.00
Pat and Steve Hingerpiller 200.00
Nancy and Michael Winters 25.00
Mark Sautman 100.00
Debbie Waddell 50.00
Merry Christmas Jimmy and Joanne 50.00
Anonymous 100.00
In loving memory of Carl Chapman and Elliott and Reba McGinty
from Georgia, Erin, Carl Elliott, Madison and Ethan
Braxton and Linda Carr 20.00
Robert and Cynthia Rickman 25.00
Bill and Vera Elliott 10.00
Gene and Joan Dalton 11.00
In loving memory of our daughter, Jacqueline Denise Nordling 25.00
In memory of our furry angels - Zach, Ki-Ki and Sway Williford 20.00
Nancy Turner 50.00
Anonymous 25.00
In honor of our grandchildren Jeffrey and Jacob Britt 40.00
Barbara Steiner 100.00
Anonymous 50.00
In memory of Robert R. Todd 50.00
Frances Tarte 100.00
In loving memory of my husband Donald "Derek" Newsome 10.00
In loving memory of my dogs Boots, Missy and Baby 15.00
In memory of: Mr. and Mrs. John P. Adams Jr., Mr. Norman I. Boatwright Jr., Mr. and
Mrs Stephen H. Conger, Mr. Alfred M. Martin, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas R. Maxwell, Mr. Henri C. McGowan Jr. Mr. Hinton R. Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders
J.C. and J.L. Smith 20.00
Robert and Kathy Manz 50.00
Timothy and Julie Calhoun 25.00
In memory of "Red" Keen 50.00
In loving memory of Jacks Bowles 50.00
Sue, Bobbie and Pogo 25.00
In memory of Cora and Jess Davis 25.00
In memory of Mamay, Frank and Frank Jr. 25.00
In honor of my daughter and son-in-law Paula and Brian 25.00
In memory of my parents Mr. and Mrs
John Graves 25.00
In loving memory of Robert Klisavage By Ann and Donna 50.00
Carlton and Sandra Cole 100.00
Phil and Cindy Levine 25.00
Samuel Rayfield 100.00
Susan Schafer 75.00
Anonymous 4.00
In memory of my mom and Dad 100.00
Ruth Tewes 50.00
In honor of Kevin and Valerie Anderson 50.00
In honor of Scott and Debbie Anderson 50.00
In honor of Albert and Judy Anderson 50.00
Barbara Peterson 25.00
Leonard and Marilyn Syphirt 125.00
Remembering Bob and Dad with so much love. June and David 100.00
Don Bryant 20.00
Eulala Weddle 25.00
Desmond Fowens 20.00
Joan and Michael Boos 50.00
William and Patricia Magharious 15.00
Ethel Giles 20.00
In honor of our grandchildren. From, Martha and Gene Tanner 100.00
Sundial Garden Club 50.00
In memory of Jos. A. Schneider 75.00
Jonathan Aceto 30.00
In the name of Jeff, Elizabeth and Will 50.00
In loving memory of our son, Stephen, From Peggy and Dick 25.00
Alpha Delta Kappa Omicron Sorority 50.00
Mack Reid 50.00
Merry Christmas from McNeill, Jack, Jim,
Walker, Kelly Anne Marshall and Kelly
Jacquelyn Lyons 25.00
In memory of "CJ" 50.00
Dennis and Wanda Schmidt 10.00
In memory of Kayla Nicole Swearinger From PaPa and Granny Holt 10.00
Kacy, Kriston, Kellie, Shane, Big-man and PaPa Holt 30.00
In memory of Judy 100.00
Leon and Polly Copsey 25.00
Peggy and Bennie Bowers 20.00
Jerome and Charriti Duncan 150.00
Raymond Richards 100.00
Tommy and Judith Taylor 25.00
In memory of my beloved husband Donald V. Doman 25.00
Larry and Elsie Meadows 25.00
Joel Roberts 25.00
Nancy Brown 50.00
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Keith and Deanna 5.00
Stanley and Margaret Schrader 25.00
Hugh and Peggy Gasque 25.00
In memory of Mr. L.W. Pruitt by Linda Pruitt Carstarphen 30.00
Ruby Jones 25.00
In memory of my grandson Ryan Howell 50.00
In loving memory of Ruth J. Windsor 50.00
Paul and Christine Cutting 25.00
In loving memory of Mr. Charles Harris from a good friend 100.00
Danny and Deborah Hogan 100.00
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy 25.00
J.C. and Ellen Douglas 25.00
Anonymous 25.00
Brian Adams 20.00
Irvin Saunders 25.00
In loving memory of my mother, Helly Gerhard, from Christa Michael 50.00
From Winkie and Harold Johnston 20.00
Karnig and Mary Kurkjian 50.00
John and Elizabeth Madden 100.00
James and Pat Cavenaugh 25.00
Norman and Susan Wilt 25.00
In memory of Raye Ronnie, Cissy and Liz 20.00
Martha and Donald Hammers 10.00
Given in Jesus' name 25.00
Gerald and Marilou Jilbert 25.00
Rudy Lewis 50.00
John and Cecelia Dykes 25.00
The Hansons 50.00
Tanner, Chad, Bennett, William, Ashley, Luke,
Sarah Beth, Daniel, Will, Jack, Mary, Cara Anne and Wiley
In honor of Artice and Annie Bailey Richard and Carole Bailey 100.00
St. Margaret's Circle Church of Good Shepherd 50.00
Pearl's Towing Service Inc. 100.00
Anonymous 5,000.00
Michael and Cecilia Durst 500.00
From the employees of American Concrete 1,811.00
GaSCar Antique Auto Club and SNO-CAP Drive In 400.00
Michael Combs 10.00
In memory of my husband H.A. Lewis and In memory of my beloved son Ray Dixon 25.00
Cyndia and Robert Beattie Jr $100.00
Karlette Butler 20.00
In memory of my Husband R.J. Lewis and In memory of my Beloved Son Ray Dixon 25.00
Anonymous 100.00
Richard and Deanna Eden 150.00
Johnny and Mildred Hobbs 25.00
Twin Myrtle Corporation 100.00
Arne and Mary Anne Andersen 50.00
J.L.C 20.00
Nancy Prendergast 200.00
Virginia Johnson 100.00
From a Friend 25.00
Dorothy Jens 100.00
Margaret Ward 25.00
John and Jeanette Kozel 25.00
Abbie and John Burnett III 25.00
John and Mildred Barber 150.00
Lawerence Savoy 5.00
Robert and Helen Symms 100.00
In Memory of Ellen Lynn Mansberger Forbes Given by Ellen and Arlie Mansberger 500.00
Clay Mathis 20.00
Henry Hicks, III 50.00
Barbara Craker 30.00
Carl and Alina Pagano 100.00
Anonymous 50.00
Clifford and Sherrie Kirkland 25.00
Wesley and Rita Brinkman 100.00
Emily and Matthew Williams 10.00
Paul and Margaret Franks 25.00
Terry and Patricia Allen 25.00
Mrs. A. Nonny Mouse 25.00
Lloyd and Carol Lewis 75.00
Anonymous 25.00
"The Boerner Family" $100.00
R.C. and Anna Schneider 10.00
In memory of my dad, WIlliam A. Garrett 20.00
In Loving Memory of Lauren Cauthen. From Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Jim 20.00
Charles and Janice Coleman 50.00
Carl and Caroline Swanson 100.00
Richard and Sue Hughes 100.00
Anonymous 50.00
Barbara Maner 25.00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scaggs 25.00
Gould Hagler 100.00
"Truffle" 100.00
In memory of Wedge and Ralph 10.00
Morris and Inez Arnold 25.00
Etta and Owen Smitherman 100.00
We miss you Granpa, Love Haley, Jonathon, Sarah, David, Bryan and Jessica 30.00
John Patten, Hampton, Daniel, Ash, Marc, Madison, and Lucas 50.00
Carlee, Megan, Mobley, Layton and Brittany 50.00
Carl and Becky 25.00
John Bryan 35.00
Elizabeth Gardner 25.00
In Memory of Terry Drew 25.00
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brand 100.00
James and Cathy Fitzgerald 50.00
In memory of Vera and Fran 50.00
Elizabeth Blanchard 100.00
Southern Land Surveyors 100.00
John and Patricia Cox 25.00
Blanche, Bobby and Linda 25.00
Joyce Beck 50.00
Lois Ellison 25.00
Lewis A. Vann Jr. 50.00
Anonymous 10.00
J.C. and Mabel Marbach 25.00
Randy Gantt 25.00
Mary Lee 50.00
Nelson Ray Williams 10.00
John Harpring Jr. 20.00
Wilma Brownlee 25.00
Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Anderson 10.00
Horace and Louise Stoms 25.00
In Memory of Mrs. Mary Hagler 25.00
In Memory of Ms. Polly's Mother 25.00
Kim Sidey 25.00
In Memory of John from Tom, Cynthia
and Catherine 100.00
Judy Fuller 35.00
Herbert and Jessie Lee 25.00
In loving memory of our Bubba from the Monks 100.00
Al and Carolyn Williams 25.00
For the children, From Sophies "People" 200.00
Shirley Mosley 25.00
Rickey and Cathy Kirby 50.00
Robert and Barbara Rowe 25.00
Josephine and Joe Banks 70.00
Roy and Karen 50.00
Anonymous 20.00
Betty Haines 25.00
In Loving Memory of William A. Garrett and James A.Taylor 25.00
Anonymous 25.00
In loving memory of my husband, Reuben D. Carver Sr.
Parents, Harve and Maggie Quarles, Brother Kinzel Quarles, and Sister Inez Hensley 50.00
Richard Kershner 40.00
Thomas and Dorothy Barton 10.00
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goldbery 100.00
In Loving Memory of Clara Rivers
and Richie Regan 50.00
Joan Poole 10.00
Anonymous 200.00
Donald and Janet Reynolds 100.00
Carly K. 25.00
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nesbit 150.00
God Bless 25.00
Women's Health of Augusta, P.C. 250.00
Krista and Covan Goodman 10.00
Dorothy and Luther Hall 25.00
Dorothy and Phil Colman 25.00
In memory of George, Evalyn and Kath rine 300.00
Ed and Tina Wicker 50.00
David and Karen Stewart 100.00
Cecelia and Richard Stuhler 50.00
Dorothy Carpenter 25.00
Anonymous 100.00
Duwayne and Marlene Bendickson 50.00
Cynthia and Stephen Bayazes 100.00
Will, Ben, and Katherine 15.00
David and Laverne 50.00
H and D 15.00
In Memory of Carl Chapman 25.00
Mr. and Mrs. George Stallings 25.00
L. E. Bertram 10.00
Lucille Webb 50.00
Charles and Alison Price 10.00
Anonymous 100.00
In memory of Joe Governski Jr. 50.00
In Memory of James B. Sims 100.00
Terry Newton 25.00
Billie LaCroix 25.00
Anonymous 20.00
Mildred and John Dixon 100.00
Ty and Judy Booker 20.00
In thanksgiving for Jackson Boardman Helton 50.00
Phyllis Thompson 100.00
Jerry and Marie 100.00
Fred and Ruth McDaniel 10.00
In memory of Mable Eugenia Hinson Allen Lyles $100.00
In memory of Kelvin Douglas 50.00
Anjana and Dinesh Shah 51.00
"Ponce Puerto Rico" 60.00
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 30.00
Jeff and Sheila Poitevint 100.00
Merry Christmas, Sarah and Jessica Dowdy 50.00
Fred and Margaret Williams 200.00
In memory of Genevieve Rice Duvall 100.00
Peggy and Carleton Duvall 100.00
David L. Duvall 50.00
Claudia Geeter 50.00
David A. and Dana Duvall 100.00
Paige L. Duvall 50.00
Rebecca and Hamp Duvall 50.00
Mary Duvall Sumner 25.00
Laura Duvall Elrod and Rick Elrod 100.00
Jonas Duvall Elrod 50.00
Rosemary Duvall Speer and Johnny Speer 100.00
John Speer 50.00
Genevieve and John Sumner 100.00
Frances T. Speer 50.00
Gwen and David L Freeman 100.00
Charles Freeman III 50.00
Jane and Pat Rice 50.00
G M Richardson and K L Richardson $20.00
In Memory of Ralph Wong, From Family and Friends: Mr. & Mrs. Kwok Fong and Family, R Glasken,
Mercedes Lee, Helen Lew, Mildred Loo, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lum and Family, Art and Amy Lum, Frank & Jennie Lum, Tim & Winnie Mark, Barbara Morgan, Phil and Viv Pata, Helen Wong, Mae Wong & Family, S.K.Woo.
Jean Kearns 25.00
Roy and Delores Entrekin 25.00
Julia Crowley 10.00
John and Revonda Hall 100.00
Irvin and Lore Ingraham 30.00
Virginia Allen 20.00
Barbara Lang 10.00
S.E. and William Corley Sr. 25.00
Zenzel Lewis 10.00
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Drew 50.00
In Honor of our grandchildren 25.00
In Honor of Morgan & Andrew Yankowsky 50.00
Doris and Nickolas Sexton 50.00
Clyde Lester 25.00
J. Putnam 25.00
Alma Bennett 100.00
Betty Landen 100.00
Bonnie Cawood 5.00
Florence Selby 5.00
Dorothy Salonick 10.00
In Memory of our former spouses, Merion, Lige and Heyward 45.00
Joseph and Toni Fulghum 20.00
JRH 25.00
Elizabeth and Joseph Pollock 100.00
Naomi and Truitt Rabun 10.00
Coolidge and Leona Brumley 25.00
Carolyn Piekielniak 10.00
Rebecca Fehrenbach 100.00
Fred and Barbara Rucker 25.00
Carol Calder 25.00
Lanell Lovett 25.00
Robert and Carol Kelley 100.00
Joe and Lynne Entrekin 25.00
Cameron and Diane Andrews 25.00
Evelyn Brannen 10.00
Michael and Raelyn Dibble 25.00
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy McWatty 20.00
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Penn 20.00
B. Vivian McLelland 100.00
In Memory of Paul Swift 10.00
In memory of John and Eleanor J. McKay 150.00
John and Mary White 20.00
George and Marthe Odell 25.00
Constan Magoulas 25.00
Belinda Jones 20.00
Gerhard and Lois Cremer 50.00
Helen Coleman 15.00
Priscilla Sorrells 10.00
John and Janice McDonald 50.00
Lola Andrews 10.00
Charles and Karen Sabo 50.00
In Honor of Travis E. Perry 15.00
Claude and Lynda Andrews 20.00
Jane Cain 10.00
Anthony and Rena Pearson-Shaver 50.00
In memory of Richard Sconyers 100.00
Mildred Miller 15.00
Mr. and Mrs. G. Colin Gordy 25.00
Charles and Lori Irminger 50.00
Janet Rice 10.00
Bobbie Lou and Jeffery Shipman 10.00
Barbara McCutcheon 50.00
John and Kathleen Leysath 50.00
In memory of Minnie Bishop & Jean Dinteman 30.00
Anonymous 25.00
Anonymous 25.00
Angeline Greenwald 20.00
Willam and Jacqueline Dulworth 25.00
Obed and Doris Cramer 25.00
Donna Barlett 50.00
Elizabeth Frank 25.00
Karen Abdelhadi 50.00
Mary Thigpen 50.00
Lola Anguilla 5.00
Elaine and Gene Weinberger 25.00
In Honor of Nicholas, Amanda and Caroline 50.00
Hazel Gronert 15.00
In Honor of: Bill and Min Todd 50.00
Jeanne King 25.00
David and Janet Haburchak 30.00
Wendy and Michael Vello 25.00
Horst Michael 50.00
Wendy Buckner 25.00
Pamela Givens 25.00
Kenneth and Ellie McGahee 25.00
Cheryl Newman 50.00
In Memory of Buddy Metcalf 25.00
In Memory of Robin and Cecil 10.00
Kelly Brown 25.00
Deborah McCord 25.00
Sylvia Fogel 10.00
In Memory of Jesse and Dorothy Battle 50.00
Lawrence and Bettie Hannon 10.00
Mel and Mary Beth Bowdoin 50.00
Donald and Nancy Morris 25.00
Jolanda Shoemaker 10.00
Catherine and James Hopkins 20.00
Steven and Helene Hondrum 50.00
Iva Williamson 25.00
Mittie and Arthur Conners 20.00
Doris Gramling 15.00
Katheriine Maxwell 5.00
Melissa Tobakos 25.00
Jo Warren 25.00
Vernon Koziatek 25.00
Ann Harn 5.00
Florence Catchings 20.00
Carolyn Garner 50.00
Nancy Majors 10.00
JoAn Kent 5.00
Janice Gesche 10.00
Charles Winberg 25.00
John and Emily McKinney 25.00
Cash donated at the Empty Stocking Fund Concert held Nov. 25 2,482.00
Basil and Lill Manos $25.00
Anonymous 100.00
Frank and Joyce Presby 25.00
The Knox Foundation 5,000.00
Carolina Dragway Inc 94.00
In loving memory of Dr. "Pepper" Martin and Ethel G. Harrison and
Elsie H. Martin by Jay and Dianne Harper
In loving memory of my brother, Dewey F. Terry 50.00
Frank Rollins 100.00
Fairview Fellowship Group 133.00
Anonymous 100.00
In Memory of Louise Dunn Gibson Wansley and in Honor of Stevi Smith Wansley
and Elizabeth Dunn Wansley by William Dunn Wansley
Fleming Lodge No. 718 F. and A.M. 300.00
Nancy Grant 10.00
From Peggy and Gene Floyd - in loving memory of Nancy H. Farr 25.00
William and Julie Usry 50.00
Ronald Osborne 50.00
Alexander Mura Jr. 30.00
Mamie Garrett $10.00
Lois Kay 50.00
Suburban Garden Club 100.00
Harry and Earlene Merck 30.00
Edna McDaniel 25.00
Anonymous 2.00
Loving memory of Iva W. and J.N. Atkins "The Family" 100.00
Gladys Fleming 5.00
In memory of our parents 100.00
George and Myrle Holley 25.00
Paul and Carol Gage 25.00
Bobby and Patsy Kaney 20.00
Stanley and Susan Kuzia 20.00
Sandra Lawrence 25.00
Anonymous 10.00
Marita and Dennis Moberg 100.00
Fraternal Order of Police Wesley Mack Lodge 39 100.00
Betty Rouse 25.00
Sandler Sales Institute, Eddie Huff 50.00
John and Annette Harlan 100.00
H. Winston and Velam Bedingfield 20.00
Anson and Gloria Bertrand 20.00
Matt Nieman 250.00
Jeff and Dee Wheeler 25.00
Geraldine Mealing 25.00
In loving memory of Mary Muntz Bryant 100.00
Anonymous 75.00
Douglas and Leslie Mann 25.00
Don and Jean Ruddy 200.00
Helen Warlick 10.00
In memory of Aurela Rankin 100.00
Anonymous 20.00
Bud and Grace Holton 100.00
Nancy Aldridge-Dye 25.00
Anonymous 15.00
Joyce Morris 25.00
Ron and Carolyn Snider 25.00
Janet Sitar 20.00
In honor of Savannah and Drew Barclay by Don and Pam Barclay 25.00
Anonymous 50.00
Clarence and Johanna Shorter 25.00
Anne Cato 25.00
Richard and Connie Drisko 100.00
Anonymous 20.00
Roy and Geraldine Atkins 30.00
John and Frances Barnhart 10.00
Linda Norton 30.00
Marjorie and Wayne Walworth 15.00
In memory of J.P. Mumford by: Family 100.00
Anne Berlin 25.00
The Widner-Moore Family 50.00
In memory of my beloved mother, Pauline, and Will 50.00
V.G.D. 20.00
Donald and Peggy White 25.00
Penelope Johnson 100.00
Mr. and Mrs. Claude R. Wilkes Sr. 10.00
Lutricia Jordan 30.00
Lida Rich 10.00
Geoffrey and Nancy Wellls 100.00
Vein Specialists of Augusta 100.00
Whitney Pickett 25.00
Allie and Haley G. 50.00
In loving memory of J. Robert Scott 50.00
Mary Lou and Earl Helmly 40.00
In loving memory of Fred Kennedy Jr. 50.00
In honor of grandchildren Sam and Elizabeth 25.00
C.W. and Vicki Balkcum 150.00
Theodore and Eileen Cicora 100.00
Anonymous 200.00
Clinton Paulk 50.00
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas
from Mr. and Mrs. James O. Brady
Dorothy Goodwin 15.00
Ronald and Lynda Lotz 50.00
C. William and Darlene Blosser 200.00
Allen and Candace Slavens 100.00
Tedd and Nancy Antonacci 50.00
Clarence H. Cohen Chapter No. 162 National Sojourners Inc. 100.00
Paul Trefz 100.00
Solomon Brown 203.00
Anonymous 100.00
Charles and Edith Mayer 50.00
Clara Tucker 25.00
Anonymous 50.00
Linda Feffer 30.00
G.T. and Beverly Brashear 50.00
Michael and Lois Gregory 25.00
Madi, Ellie, Jack, Rex and Emily 50.00
Diane and Kenneth Brace 100.00
James Scofield 20.00
Ted and Lois Stellern 100.00
Love, Erica, Christina and Mark Marcum 25.00
R.E. and Betty Daniel 25.00
Mike Rucker 50.00
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Tyson III 25.00
In Honor of Mr. Elliott Horton 25.00
Donald and Jean Champagney 10.00
Eldon and Emmi Wilson 25.00
Charles and Georgia Hafey 25.00
A.J. and Maria Alsup 25.00
Donald and Alfriede George 100.00
In Loving Memory of Raymond R. Murphy 10.00
John Holsomback 20.00
Patricia Leech 20.00
In memory of Bill and Dimitri 25.00
Albert and Rose Kitchen 50.00
Jim and Betty Murry 50.00
In honor and memory of those who are serving
or have served our country. God bless America
Gordon and Carole Meek 100.00
W. Stanley Hall 50.00
Anonymous 72.00
Total today $2,950.00
Total this year $49,213.00
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