Little white dog does his family proud in picture

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If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.

-- Will Rogers

This is the time of year when many people show the love and affection they have for their household pet by including its image on their Christmas cards.

I like to think I've gone one step better.

When my church sent out its new member directories last month, they included photos of many families, and mine was no exception.

That's why my fellow worshippers get to see a picture of the Kirbys that includes: Mom, Dad, son and, of course, the little white dog.

We asked permission beforehand, not wanting to violate either religious sensibilities or Deuteronomical prohibitions.

"No problem," said the woman in the church office. "We encourage families to appear friendly and fun."

So we included the dog.

I admit I thought other church members would be showing off their companions, but we appear to be the exception.

For his part, the dog took his role very seriously. The photo shows the human members of the family smiling in their dark church clothes, while the little white dog looks somewhat formal and well behaved.

Good dog, I say.


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SEASONAL JOKE: James Hartman writes: Did you hear about the guy who played golf on Christmas and accidentally hit a bird?

He got a partridge on a par-three.

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