Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Sept. 20-21, 24-28 and Oct. 1-2. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:

SEPT. 20

Ever Home Mortgage Co. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 4, Block C, Hephzibah Hills

Edenfield, Tract LLC to McMonigle Construction Inc., Lots 7, 61 and 62, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $88,700

Kellie A. Laird to Kellie A. Laird and Phillip Laird Jr., 1022 Eustis Drive, Lot 20, Block B, Bedford Heights

A.M. Davis to Level Oak Construction Corp., 660 Riverfront Drive, Lot 2, Phase I, Goodale Place, $100,000

Edenfield, Tract LLC to Swan Construction Inc., Lot 64, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $28,900

LaSalle Bank National Association Truste... Pooling and Servicing Agreement dated June to Paul Henderson, Lot 30, on the south side of Courtney Circle, Plat Book 21T Page 207, 2373 Courtney Circle, $72,600

LaSalle Bank National Association Truste... and Structured Asset Securities Corp. Structu... to Barbara A. Davis, Lot 12, Block B, Southland, $36,000

Bank of America NA to U.S. Veterans Affairs, Lot 41, Block B, Fair Woods

William E. Hollingsworth Jr. Family LP to Real Estate Solutions South LLC, Lot 125, on the east side of Adrian Street, Plat Book 7X Page 420, 1014 Adrian St., Exception, $66,100

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Lap Q. Dinh, Section IV, Lot 6, Block C, Barnett Crossing, $201,900

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Stephanas Villanueva and Rose M. Moore, 2009 Wart Court, Lot 5, Block A, Phase I, Amberlake Estates

Robert S. Hill to Robert S. Hill and Beverly Karen Mitchell Hill, 2817 Peachtree Place, Lot 6, Camellia Gardens

Elizabeth Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia and Enrique A. Serrano to Phillip L. Shepherd and Carole R. Shepherd, Section Two, Lot 27, Block A, Montclair, $162,500

BOAALT 2005 6 to Mark S. Blankenbeckler, Section I, Lot 18, Block H, West Hills, $87,500

Walton Hills Keyston LLC to Taris Lane and Regina Lane, Section VII, Walton Hill, Lot 61, Block C, Walton Hills, $161,800

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Edward L. Coleman and Tanya Coleman, Section IV, Lot 7, Block 2E, Barnett Crossing, $210,000

Clifford W. Mercer to Robert Neal Collins, Lot 9, Belmont, $25,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Wayne A. Hall, Lot 25, Block H, Cambridge, $140,900

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Jerry L. Peeples, Section II, Lot 23, Block D, Phase II, Elderberry, $229,900

SEPT. 21

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Alfred Dunlap, 3450 McAlpine Drive, Lot 25, Phase II, Alexander Woods

R&B Construction Inc. to Brittany Fragola, Section IV, Lot 13, Block C, Phase 1, Pinnacle Place, $143,000

FFMLT 2006 FF12 Mortgage Pass through CE and U.S. Bank National Association Trustee to Donna M. Anderson, Lot 15, Shangra La Estates

Steve Michael Reeves to Mumina Hussaini, Lot, on the east side of Fifth Street and 716 Center St., $50,000

Matthew A. Willis and Pamela J. Willis to Pamela J. Willis and Matthew A. Willis, Lot 3, Block D, Dorchester

Jason T. Smith to Bettye J. Carpenter, Unit 1205, Building A, Phase I, Summit Condo, $111,500

Augelina Transou to Betty J. Hester, Lot B3, Plat Book 364, $68,000

G.B. Sharma to Heba L. Kaldas and Hani W. Mussad, Lot, on the north side of Wrightsboro Road, Plat Book R29 Page 888, $180,000

Bank of New York Trustee and EQCC Asset Backed Certificates Series 20 to C. Murray Williams Living Trust and C. Murray Williams Trust, Section VIII, Lot 22, Block C, Bellemeade, $37,000

Leonard M. Fletcher Sr. to Leonard M. Fletcher III, Lot 17, Howard Park, $40,000

Grace B. Reddick and Grace B. Whisnant to Patrick E. Robinson, 3.02 acres, Parcel 2, $30,000

Ella M. Allen Morgan to Larry L. McCord and Debra H. McCord, Section 2, 3956 Scott St., Lot 13, Block S, Belair Hills Estates

Edenfield, Tract LLC to Swan Construction Inc., Lot 6, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $27,900

SEPT. 24

Weico Development Inc. to Linda P. Shelton, Andrew P. Shelton and Ronald A. Shelton, 903 Ann St., Lot 17, Block H, Lakemont Heights; and 1608 Cornell Drive, Lot 6, Block B, Glendale; Unit B, Building 12, 226 Brandywine Place, Phase I, Brandywine Condo, $116,300

Cheryl D. Spann to Angela C. Suber, Lot 22, Block I, Phase IV, Quail Ridge, $110,000

CitiMortgage Inc. to U.S. Veterans Affairs, 2928 Arrowwood Circle, Lot 146, Block A, Phase II, Sand Ridge Estates

Edenfield, Tract LLC to Swan Construction Inc., Lot 63, Lakes at Spirit Creek, $28,900

Augusta Real Estate Owner LLC to Augusta Select Tissue LLC, 7.03 acres, Parcel A, on the south side of Marvin Griffin Road; 11.99 acres, Parcel B, on the south side of M..., $30,174,300

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Craig R. Middleton, Section XI, Lot 24, Block H, Cambridge, $135,900

Gene Ann Rumbles to Queenie J. Lawton, Lot 17, Block C, Alexander Commons, $183,000

Arvil Holt and Geraldine F. Holt to Allison Jr. Higgins and Luke A. Higgins, 0.27 of an acre, Tract A1; 0.21 of an acre, Tract A2; and 0.07 of an acre, Tract C, Plat Book B3 Page 356, $2,000

Front Line Homes Inc. to Beverly A. Kelly and Stephen B. Kelly, Lot 17, Oak Haven, $218,500

Novastar Mortgage Inc. to Bernice Hawkins and Wiley Hawkins, Section 2, 2818 Cross Creek Road, Lot 36, Block E, Phase I, Quail Ridge, $110,000

William Ronald Stokes to Lula M. Gayden, Lot 2, Block K, Twin Oaks, $72,000

Fonda Patterson to Rick Osment and Valerie A. Osment, Lot, on the south side of Whaley Road, Plat Book 15U Page 148, $65,000

James R. Lee and James R. Lee Jr. to Margie Boyd, 4703 Broad Oak Court, Lot 41, Block C, Phase II, Ridge Forest Estates, $135,900

Topvalco Inc. to Kroger Co., 19.76 acres, on the northwest corner of Washington Road and Alexander Drive, $5,296,000

Kroger Co. to Planned Commercial Development I LLC, 0.9 of an acre, on the west side of Alexander Drive; and 0.83 of an acre, on the west side of Alexander Drive, Exception, $400,000

Planned Commercial Development I LLC to Kroger Co., 0.96 of an acre, on the northwest corner of Alexander Drive and Washington Road, Exception, $400,000

Planned Commercial Development I LLC to Washington Walkers LLC, 0.9 of an acre, on the northwest corner of Alexander Drive and Washington Road; and 0.83 of an acre, on the northwest corner of Ale ..., $400,000

Southern Specialty Development Co. Inc. to Front Line Homes Inc., Section VII, Lot 6, Block I, Walton Acres, $28,900

Stanley Joseph Butkus and To Kae Butkus to Lisa A. Cushman, Section VII, Lot 32, Block C, Covington, $116,500

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to LuLu Padmore, 1029 15th Ave., Lot 10, Block 19, Turpin Hill

Antioch Ministries Inc. to Demetrice M. Johnson, Plat book B1109 Page 2590, Lot 9, Block 10, Plat Book B3 Page 367

Janice Nelson to Roy Brown Jr., Section I, Lot 8, Block E, Southwick, $73,500

SEPT. 25

Wachovia Bank National Association to Crystal N. McDonald, Lot 5, Fort View, $57,700

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Develop..., Section 1C, 3606 Old McDuffie Road, Lot 6, Block E, McDuffie Woods

Value Storage Ltd. to Securcare Properties I LLC, 1.57 acres on the north side of Gordon Highway, 1881 Gordon Highway, $453,600

Value Storage Ltd. to Securcare Properties I LLC, 1.398 acres, corner of Washington Road and Beverly Heights Drive, 3121 Washington Road Es..., $647,900

Vanessa A. Giagioli to Vanessa Baute and Jonathan Buerger, Lot 10, Primrose Place, $189,900

Solomon G. Varnado to Carina Tyree, Section 1A, Lot 22, Block P, Gordon Woods, $66,000

David L. Rollins to Freddie B. Williams, 3.25 acres on the west side of U.S. Highway 25/Peach Orchard Road, Plat Book 18V Page 277, $16,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Development, Section Two, 1021 Woodberry Drive, Lot 32, Block A, Woodberry

Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. to Dora S. Hawes, Lot, on the northeast side of D'antignac Street, 839 D'antignac St., $119,000

Gregory Allen Slavens to Brinson Alexander, 2314 Tudor Court, Lot 5, Block B, Holly Hills, $76,500

Crowell & Co. Inc. to Riverstone Keystone LLC, Lot 12, Block B, Riverstone, $38,000

Walton Hills Keystone LLC to Cleveland J. Calloway, Section VII, Lot 57, Block C, Walton Hills, $173,800

St. Kitts LLC to James L. Ford, Easement, Lot 3, Block 13, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $108,500

James L. Ford to James L. Ford and Diane Sue Ford, Lot 3, Block 13, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Angella M. Beji, Section II, Lot 36, Block D, Phase II, Elderberry, $218,900

St. Kitts LLC to Sara Nicole Lussier, Lot 2, Block 2, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $84,900

St. Kitts LLC to Frank Rivera Jr. and Amee A. Rivera, Lot 14, Block A, Phase 2, Longpoint Townhomes, $99,900

St. Kitts LLC to David C. Amick, Lot 1, Block 10, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $105,900

St. Kitts LLC to Latisha M. McNeal, Lot 1, Block 6, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $109,000

St. Kitts LLC to Avenue Maria Peoples, Easement, Lot 2, Block 8, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $87,400

St. Kitts LLC to Jessica N. Emerson, Easement, Lot 2, Block 10, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake Townhomes, $88,000

Colllier Construction Co. Inc. to James M. Farrell and Robin D. Farrell, Section II, Lot 58, Block B, Elderberry, $232,900

Trotters Builders Inc. to Trotters Brothers LLC, 101 Rossmore Place, Lot 1A, Professional Parkway, Whitney Place, $445,000

SEPT. 26

St. Kitts LLC to Cynthia H. Luder, Lot 3, Block 12, Phase Five, Wheeler Lake, $108,900

David Coles to Kevin D. Carter, Lot 5, Block B, Fairvale, $79,900

David Coles to Kevin D. Carter, Part of Lot 6, Block B, Fairvale, $79,900

Joel K. Chitty to Thomas Lewis, Lot 33A, Village West Estates, Section V, Plat Book R348 Page 1191, $35,000

Gary L. Tyler to Brigid Balance Fisher and Aubrey Fisher, 1823 McDowell St., Lot 6, Block D, Central Avenue No. 2

Kristine G. McDonald to Aubrey Fisher and Brigid Balance Fisher, 1823 McDowell St., Lot 6, Block D, Central Avenue No. 2, $100,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Talmadge Lawson, 1716 Tamarind Way, Lot 10, Block B, Phase Two, Cypress Pointe

Kristy K. Dent and Kristy Kitchens Dent to Elton Sprouse and Mary L. McClean, Easement, Lot 13, Block B, Phase I, Whitney Place, $126,500

Wanda B. Crawford to John W. Stevens, Section II, Lot 7, Block D, F R Miles, $77,500

Louise W. Ashley and Charles Edwards to Ernestine H. Sanders, Unit 1 A 2115 Pepperidge Court, Pepperidge, $113,500

Option 1 Mortgage Loan Trust 2001 ASSE..., Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2001 C As... and Wells Fargo Bank Minnosota NA Trustee to Doyle L. Green, Section One, 4216 Capchat St., Lot 13, Block B, Field Crest, $62,500

Peggy M. Bertasi and Peter A. Bertasi to James L. Ellison, Lot 2, Block A, Creekview West, $92,000

Richard R. Millsap to J. Barclay Moore, 2330 Greengate Drive, Lot 17, Block A, Greengate; 2328 Greengate Drive, Lot 18, Block A, Greengate; and 1220 Winter St., Lots 6 and 7, Block 16, Monte Sano, $230,000

SEPT. 27

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to John A. Collins, 2140 Silverdale Road, Lot 18, West Silverdale

Lehman Brothers and U.S. Bank National Association Trustee to Berry Jay Williams, Section I, Apartment 1, Building U, 2256 Winston Way, Phase II, Winston Arms Condo, $23,000

Bank of New York Trustee CWALT Inc. Alternative Loan Trust 2006 42 to David A. Sisco and Sheila Sisco, Section I, 3513 Dayton Road, Lot 20, Block D, Woodlake, $64,500

Sept. 28

Frances B. Kitchens and George V. Kitchens to Marilyn Kitchens, Lots 173 and 174, Grassdale Addition

James L. McLeod, John R. McLeod Jr. and Mary McLeod Tulloch to Keith Williford and Don Williford, Lot 11, Block E, Silver Crest, $60,000

Frederick W. Shapiro to Cynthia Shapiro, Section III, Lot 13, Block C, Mura Estates

Ronald M. Jeffers to Donald W. Jeffers Enterprises, Lot 23, Enterprises Inc.

Bonnie A. Annis to Bonnie A. Annis and David A. Annis, 975 Heard Ave., Lot 19, Summerville Terrace

John T. Porter and Patricia M. Porter to Burrel Lanham Jr., Section IV, Part 1, Lot 14, Block K, Glenn Hills, $55,000

John H. Hebbard to Marco Diaz, Lot 36, Plat Book 15Y Page 112, 2534 Pineview Drive, $60,000

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Associati..., Lot 29, Block 2, Burch Grant

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Development, Section One, 1813 N. Barton Drive, Lot 7, Block E, North View

Ace Management Inc. to Golakia Corp., Lots 19 through 26, on the northwest side of Gwinnett Street, Plat Book 7U Page 124, Exception, $1,025,000

Madeline Mercy 3632 Nottingham Trust and Madeline Mercy Trust to Terry D. Young, Section 1A 3632 Madrid Drive North, Lot 19, Block Y, Gordon Woods, $55,000

Timothy W. Johnson to Ronald Williams and Glenda J. Williams, 3709 Bansbury Place, Lot 2, Block H, Cambridge, $134,600

Harry J. Shearer to Charles A. May, Lot 2, Bellevue Town Homes, $129,000

OCT. 1

Myrtle E. Wheatley to Mark W. Lorah, 1830 Woodrow St., Part of Lot 179, Summerville Terrace Annex, $30,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Benjamin Ramos and Benjamin J. Ramos, Part of Tract 1, Block E, on the north side of Travis Road, Plat Book 21R Page 422

Darlynn G. Faircloth and G. Eddie Faircloth to Gary L. Walters Jr. and Angie D. Walters, 1.38 acres, Tract B, Plat Book R642 Page 1947, $30,000

Clayton W. Buchanan and Clayton W. Buchanan II to Clayton Buchanan II Trust and Clayton Buchanan II Living Trust, Lots 11 through 16, Block B, and Lots 8 through 14, Block C, Tract One, Cherry Hills; and Unit 4, Building A, Tract Three, Summer Place Condo

Ann H. Barton to Elizabeth A.H. Barton Living Trust D and Elizabeth A.H. Barton Trust, Section One, Lot 25, Block C, Greenbrier

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Catrina Jeffers, Section 5D, Lot 83, Block B, Fairington

Jeffrey A. Marks and Roxanne T. Marks to Rebecca L. Jump, Section II, Lot 10, Block A, Willow Creek, $187,500

Steven D. Womack to Anabel Zambrano, Section One, 1110 Chambers Drive, Lot 12, Block B, Woodberry, $126,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Tracey Lavert Robinson, Lot 23, Block F, Pepperidge

Francesa D. Owens and Francesa D. Springfield to Thomas J. Kaage, Lot 36, Block A, Gardenbrook, $58,000

Donald O. Lundquist and Elizabeth R. Lundquist to Melvin C. Norman, Lot 119, Block B, Hillcreek, $229,900

Marjorie Elizabeth Rhodes to Sol Grau, Plat Book B1124 Page 428, Corrective Warranty Deed, 3227 Ware Road, Lot 2, Block B, Harwood

Choice 1 Home Builders Inc. to Kimberly L. Lang, Lot A57, Heathers Glenn, $155,000

James W. Posnick to Zachary N. Zachary, 2817 Brickrun Way, Lot 10, Phase V, Alexander Commons, $152,000

OCT. 2

Joseph Zalatan to Lindsay C. Smith and Mark G. Smith, Section II, Lot 2, Block C, Montclair, $182,900

George H. Streeter to Yuliya B. Bibbo and Kerry M. Bibbo, Lot 94, Hillcreek, $259,000

Kerry M. Bibbo to James R. Morgan and Katherine N. Morgan, Section I, Lot 6, Block A, Woodberry, $127,000

Maryland D. Kearns to Jason T. Smith, Section II, Lot 12, Block A, National Estates, $142,500

JP Morgan Chase Bank Trustee to Marcos Martinez Jr., Section III 3653 London Blvd., Lot 5, Block J, Barton Village

Crystal Belle Priest to Furman Hugh Boyd, Section I, Lot 12, Block A, Gate 5 Mobile Homes

Rebecca L. Fowler, Rebecca L. Webber, Rebecca Fowler Wood and Rebecca L. Fowler Wood to Rebecca Ann Wells, William H. Wells, Section III, 1830 Formosa Drive, Lot 23, Block C, F R Miles, $85,000

Option 1 Mortgage Loan Trust 2005 3 Asse... and Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee to Charles L. Crawford, 1144 Beman St., Part of Lot 28, Grassdale, $39,900

Taylor Bean and Whitaker Mortgage Corp. to U.S. Housing and Urban Devel-opment, Lot 6, Block C, Hollow Keg

Janet G. Cravens and William T. Cravens to Janet Cravens Living Trust Dated Ma..., William T. Cravens Trust, William T. Cravens Living Trust Date..., Janet Cravens Trust, Tract 4, Reid Corner

High Pointe Investment Inc. to Rodrigues Gardner and Sandra Gardner, Deed recorded at Plat Book B967 Page 2439, Corrective Warranty Deed, Lot 15, Block C, Phase II, Spread Oak Plantation

ABFAS Mortgage Loan Trust 2001 4 Mortgag... and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA Trustee to Paula D. Benjamin, 2023 Leona St., Lot 21, Block A, Bowles Estates, $15,000

Felix B. Garrett and Feliz B. Garrett to Feliz B. Garrett and Jawana U. Arrington Garrett, Section III, 3422 Sutton Place, Lot 3, Block D, Sutton Place

John Lawton Wylds Sr. to Alonzo W. Holmes Sr., Lot, on the south side of Ulm Road, Plat Book 27D Plat 182, 2980 Ulm Road, Exception, $72,500

Tammy M. Nordahl to Sandra C. Scott, Section II, Lot 1, Block B, Aumond Heights, $368,000

Emmett Peter Adams Jr. and Heather Headley Adams to Matthew J. Scarborough, Lot 7, Block B, on the west side of Metcalf Street, Plat Book 7S Page 368, Easement, $62,500

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Christopher J. Stone and Julia L. Stone, Section I, Lot 10, Block C, Goshen Retreat

Ann H. Helms to Ann H. Helms and Aaron E. Helms Jr., Lot 6, Block C, Sheffield Place

Pat Watson to Jonathan A. Perkins, 2319 Laurel Lane, Lot 18, Block C, Lakemont, $131,000


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