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It's a concept so basic that it is taught to - and understood by - small children: If you suspect or come across wrongdoing, call the police.

Then there's O.J. Simpson.

Since the 1994 murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, the former NFL star has navigated his path through public life into little more than a train wreck, without displaying one iota of contrition concerning the double slaying.

Simpson's latest misstep came Sunday, when Las Vegas police arrested him on felony charges stemming from an alleged armed robbery. Simpson says he was trying to get back personal sports memorabilia that was stolen years before.

Certainly if some of your prized belongings had been stolen, your first reaction would be to call officers who are trained to find and return stolen goods to their owners - legally.

Instead, Simpson is accused of barging into a hotel room with armed cohorts and demanding the memorabilia from a collector.

Here is Simpson's attorney, Yale Galanter: "You can't rob something that is yours. O.J. said, 'You've got stolen property. Either you return it or I call the police.' "

But did he say that? According to Simpson himself, he apparently had no intention of calling authorities.

"The police, since my trouble, have not worked out for me," he said. Whenever he has called police in the past, Simpson added, "It just becomes a story about O.J."

And that's a story, frankly, that we're sick of hearing.

One of Simpson's friends, Walter Alexander, told Good Morning America on Tuesday that this whole incident sounds like a setup. Regardless of whether that's true, it shouldn't even have happened in the first place. It just puts on display, yet again, Simpson's chronic inability to discern right from wrong.

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patriciathomas 09/19/07 - 03:50 am
Will Las Vegas honor his

Will Las Vegas honor his celebrity status like Los Angeles?

concernednative 09/19/07 - 08:49 am
This is basically double

This is basically double jeopardy. Had any once else did something like this people would be applauding saying they got what they deserved. Just like the articles where people shoot unarmed home invaders everyone says that is what crooks deserve they even applaud it as a crime deterent. But now we want to give OJ life. He should have gotten the electric chair for the murders in LA. But not life for getting his own belongings back.

mgroothand 09/19/07 - 11:05 am
O.J.'s acquittal did more

O.J.'s acquittal did more than just set a murderer free. It also sent race relations back 50 years. When the verdict was announced I and my TV news crew were at an all black college in the midwest where the entire student body and faculty had gathered for the auspicious occasion. The not-guilty verdict sent waves of pure happiness and delight throughout the crowd, high fivin', backslapping and hugs were the order.
Later that day I was called by the college's provost and was urged NOT to air that tape since "it might prove harmful for race relations in the community". A month or so later I attended a GM's convention where similar tales abounded. A black man got away with brutally murdering two whites, a new cult hero!
A day or so ago, FOX news showed footage of the same exultations by blacks jubilant over the acquittal.

jack 09/19/07 - 01:20 pm
Hopefully, OJ will finally gt

Hopefully, OJ will finally gt what was coming to him in LA. He is nothing more than a murdering thug. I also hope the cops/IRS find his off-shore money and confiscate that for the Goldmans.

JohnQPublic 09/19/07 - 10:39 pm
The sun doesn't shine on the

The sun doesn't shine on the same guy's behind all the time.
Looks like OJ is in for some cloudy days. He has some kind of sick notion that he is always right and invincible.

wildman 09/20/07 - 04:08 am
Enough already, not sure

Enough already, not sure about everybody else but I'm sick and tired of OJ. I really just don't care, he has no influence on my life. We all know he's a thug

tscotto62 04/17/15 - 09:20 am
Im Oj's best friend, it was my wedding he was best man in vegas

Im Oj's best friend,
it was my wedding he was best man in vegas, when he was arrested, you guys don't know the real Oj. You know the TV dramatized Oj,
he is my dearest friend and if any of you followed the vegas event I risked my owe neck going on every news station defending him.
This was a planed set up by tom Ricco and the only thing that went wrong and I feel responceable is me and cj steward the only one who had the the guts to not turn to the state,
all big tough guys but a chance to go to jail? I'll say what ever you want mr state attorney.

Oj is the kindest, sweetest, calmest, person you ever met. You can all make jokes but i spent everyday with him we even brought houses next door to each other.

How long have you spent with Oj? You only no it from TV and what they want you to here,
I have seen it first hand I sat though the whole trail and appeals and it was a joke everybody hiding tape recorders in the room, on themselfs what for?
Is that a normal thing to do? They were all trying to pimp Oj for money, like everyone always does.

We had a very small circle about six of us. Everyone else just tied to be near him to say I'm with Oj, and given the chance they would sell him out in a minute.

Cj who is one of the best guys and friend in the world, was taking me and my wife for last minute wedding plans it was getting late so cj called Oj and said me and tom are not going to be able to make it.
Call mike and walter these were guys that would party with us Pick us up from the airport get us anything we needed and took care of us the whole trip, we also played golf everyday.

I would have never agreed to go and would have have never allowed Oj to go with guys with guns,
this was suppose to be just to go get his family airloms, and a chance for him to yell at the guys who stole his stuff, which any normal person would do, that is it.

The two guys that replaced me, and went to the spy shop before and brought a camera belt but did not no how to work it so they can sell it to tmz,

they already new about the plan they had to tape this and so did everyone else but Oj,

These to jerks pull guns like if they needed them. They are all there for the party's but look what happens when something goes wrong,

they are the first tough guys to run. Did Oj do something that he should have known better, of coarse and I did tell him in my office that I can send two guys from Miami to go and get it his things that he does not need to get involved in this.

I also want to remind you and everyone else that we are American and suppose to believe in are justice system,

we can't pick and chose Which one we like or don't like, that's up to the jurors not us,

we're any of you at the trail? I was, and there are so many back door things that went on that no one has any idea.

But you will soon in the fall I am coming out on a 5 hour documentation starting at Oj child hood and up to today, and the release of my book. It's not an I love Oj book but it's the truth from the most trusted person Oj had. Me,

it's will be on one of the biggest networks in the business I just can not say which one yet,

because I do not want all the media yet, but when it is announced it will be in your face everywhere.

this is the only real true life story of my best friend and one of the biggest falls from grace in history.

Many people also seem to forget including yourself from reading your article. How many barriers Oj broke for black people in this county, and I'm white by the way, and Oj is whiter then me.

Why don't you write about that? You say all he did was play football
then you have not reserched your story very well, or just left it out to have a negative story to write about like all the media does.

most people just take your storys and assume that's the truth, it is excectly what it's called! A story! A fairy tail that sounds good and give you a platform to get your word out.
I'm not speaking bad of you just saying the truth.

You cannot compare the Hernandez story to Oj. Hernandez was a want to be gangster his whole life, including a problem in collage. But New England took a chance on him, and he blow it big time. Here is this millonair being a rough neck shooting people instead of being in his mansion, and enjoying his gift that this life has given him. No he want to be a gangster Instad of being and acting like the millonair he was.

So don't compare the two. Oj was found not guilty by a jury of his so called pears,

in his set up murder trail and that was the verdict. No one talks about how mark Forman, who I waited to get on and interview with for 12 years and expose that he is a convicted perjurior and plead the FitFth
on planting evidence.

I mean come on, no one but me sees this?
I think he may have had an affair with Nicole and could be the killer, why plant evidence, and lie big time under oath?

This is the lead detectetive. But in any event Fox News saw the liabilty and took him off the air.

A convicted criminal giving there opinion on TV for viewers to see, that is the media.

Did you know in England if you give negative publicly to a vertict you go to jail? That's the way it should be.

I will go on any show or any interview for free,
I don't want money,

I want the truth, I will go on an interview with anyone involved in any case and prove on live TV the truth in front of everyone,

I do not ask for questions before at anytime, I do it on the blind.
Let's see who is welling to do that.

My direct email fior anyone who feels I'm wrong, hear is my direct email address is

I'm not scared to hear from anyone or have anyone send me nasty emails. 33 years? Come on? That's a life sentence for him.
And Jackie glass was just giving her interview to sigh a deal for her own show, which lasted Inthinkbthatsvenoughntonfrivebyo few months.

That's all I have to say right mow .

Thanks for your time to read this comment,

and I'm sorry I have not the time to proof read this.

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