Augusta Museum has new displays

The displays represent different time periods in Augusta history and range from a sundial to James Brown memorial programs.

The items will be featured in the New Acquisitions on Display presentation until Nov. 30, when some will be moved to other permanent displays at the museum and others will go into storage to be rotated periodically into displays.

For more information, call (706) 722-8454.


Sundial: Originally kept at the arsenal and later moved to Fort Gordon.

Postcards: One from 1922 of the Confederate statue on Broad Street; one from 1921 of the Albion Hotel; one from 1923, a photograph of a banquet held in honor of President Harding at the Partridge Inn.

James Brown Memorial Programs: From the memorial services at the Apollo Theater, Carpentersville Baptist Church and James Brown Arena.

Film equipment: Used in the Augusta area around 1926.

Fitting lenses: A complete set of fitting lenses from Dr. Henry Perkins, an ear, eye, nose and throat specialist who practiced in Augusta from 1947 to 1970.

Silver crumber: This device for removing crumbs from a tablecloth is from the Genesta Hotel, which was open from 1905-32.

Trolley: Photograph from 1904 of Augusta trolley and its crew.

Champ Boat Grand Prix: 2007 poster.

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