Property sales plans go forward

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The Augusta Commission Finance Committee voted Monday to move forward with plans to sell more than a dozen surplus city properties.

The committee voted to have City Administrator Fred Russell finalize the proposed list and schedule a public hearing to receive input on the proposal to auction off the properties.

The proposal would go before the full commission Aug. 21.

Mr. Russell said he received a letter from Columbia County officials last week asking whether the city would be interested in selling or leasing valuable property it owns on the Savannah River.

Commissioner Don Grantham said the property was purchased by the old Richmond County Commission in 1992 for possible use as a water-intake plant to provide water to south Augusta.

Mr. Grantham said he could not see commissioners selling or allowing any type of lease that would call for buildings or other structures that would interfere with Augusta using the property.

"Recreation, cleaning it up, using the ground, that is one thing, but I just don't think that piece of property needs to be sold," he said. "The city of Atlanta has also been interested in that piece of property from years gone by."

Commissioner Andy Cheek said that to build a pumping station on the 22 acres of land and acquire easements to pump water into Augusta would be too costly.

"There will not be a need for us to have that unless we get into a regional water authority business and sell water to Columbia County and other places," he said. "There again you go back to building a plant, the time, delay, cost of easements and putting in the pipes. You're talking 50 to 75 million bucks to put in a pumping station and infrastructure to carry the water away."

Mr. Cheek said the city has an opportunity to make money to improve the Augusta Canal and diversion dam, and to create goodwill with Columbia County.

"The only reason I can see for hanging onto it is for the expansion of the Canal park in that area," he said. "We don't even maintain the park we've got."

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Surplus city property that might be auctioned off to the highest bidder:

- 408 Oak St., 0.16 acres, appraised value $32,754

- Community Park Road (portion of Sue Reynolds), two parcels, appraised value $61,800, 4.52 acres, and $19,700, 4.45 acres

- Small piece of the parcel at the rear of 3201 Ramsgate Road, appraised value is unknown

- 2060 Lock & Dam Road, appraised value $100,400

- 2231 Windsor Spring Road, 0.52 acres, appraised value $10,000

- 2762 Wheeler Road, 0.2 acres, appraised value $5,700

- 940 14th Ave., 0.16 acres, appraised value $1,800

- 1068 Bertram Road, 0.93 acres, appraised value $104,600

- 116 Chamblin Road (Columbia County), 7.97 acres, appraised value $50,266

- Reynolds Street, 1.54 acres, tract near the city's Bay Street building

- Evans-to-Locks Road (Columbia County), 22.46 acres, appraised value $518,748

- 1624 Hartrich Road (off Doug Barnard Parkway), 40.62 acres, appraised value, $73,100

- North Savannah Road (off Doug Barnard Parkway), 58.71 acres, appraised value $139,084

- 2023 Highland Ave., 0.12 acres, appraised value $1,998,112

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CHIEF 08/14/07 - 08:51 am
sell it all

sell it all

mycomments 08/14/07 - 12:34 pm
Hey Augusta, don't lose any

Hey Augusta, don't lose any money. The city paid $70,000 for 116 Chamblin Rd. in Columbia County on 6/3/03 and it is now valued at $72,443 on Columbia County's tax books. And yet, the city is quoting an appraised value of $50,266. Do they just want to give away $20,000? Or, do they know someone who wants to purchase it for $50,000 and are hoping to slide it in under the radar?

FedupwithAUG 08/14/07 - 10:19 pm
2060 Lock & Dam Road,

2060 Lock & Dam Road, appraised value $100,400
2023 Highland Ave., 0.12 acres, appraised value $1,998,112

Something is fishy here.
2060 Lock & Dam Road, appraised value $100,400 This property is 359.95 acres and was bought on 8/30/1996 for $650,000. It is the whole area from that swamp park by the airport to the lock and dam park. Well it is the outflow from the Augusta sewage plant. The land must be very fertile. but why did we pay so much for something that is appraised for so little? There must be 2 headed fish on that property? or is that where they get all the 2 headed snakes for the freak shows? I think this is where they get the fish for the fish fry the commisioners have.

2023 Highland Ave., 0.12 acres, appraised value $1,998,112 This property is 119.12 acres and is the Augusta Municipal Golf Course. I guess this is the answer the commissioners have for all the loss at the golf course. just sell it.

As far as Andy Cheeks trying to unload valuable land on the river. Forget about it!

Looks like Billys buying a Golf Course, There is something very wrong with this list. Maybe they hope people won't read the retractions and not bother to show up for the auction.

FedupwithAUG 08/14/07 - 11:00 pm
Hey Andy, save that valuable

Hey Andy, save that valuable riverfront land for future generations to enjoy. When South Carolina builds up all their land at least we will have one side of the river that was the way it was and a park would be nice! Let's not let this land go and then it end up in someone's hands that takes our water! If any development should go on it should be where the proposed Ball Park is going. That area has NO PARKING People. It would only benifit Billy who ownes most of the land down there. That site should have a garage parking lot with town homes on Reynolds and the Golf and Gardens side. A complex with an IMAX theater and shops and restaurants all shaped in a u to take advantage of the river view. There should be docks put in place where people on boats can pull up and feed catfish and sit down and have some dinner on the river. We could even put up a mini stage and have outdoor concerts while people eat and shop. Or for that matter in the Golf and Gardens Complex. Come one people have some vision not some ball park that's only going to lead to people parking 5 blocks away and have to walk by the Soul Bar on their way back and have a beer.

FedupwithAUG 08/14/07 - 11:07 pm
Or so they hope! I don't want

Or so they hope! I don't want a city owed complex that sits vacant 5 nights a week! and we pay to maintain it! We need a place to go every night of the week! We should model this downtown site after Floridas Coconut Groves complex and the Boca Raton city center it would be the Jewel of downtown!

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