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How can we vote for Jim Whitehead for Congress? By knowing that he cares about voters and responds to their concerns.

I contacted his state Senate office about a year ago concerning our denial of Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver Medicaid - Medicaid made available to special-needs children. I received immediate help, they made follow-up phone calls to me and kept in contact with me! I also contacted Rep. Ben Harbin, with no response, and Gov. Sonny Perdue, with a three-month delayed response that amounted to rhetoric. Had it not been for Jim Whitehead, my 3-year-old would not have the benefits she has had this past year.

Am I concerned about his stance on the controversial Iraq war? No, I am concerned about his ability to serve the people living in his district, and he has proven to me that he does his job unlike so many others that forget about the voters once they get elected. Vote for Jim!

Leslie Kavanagh, Thomson

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johnsmith 06/01/07 - 08:56 am
Way to go! In the finest

Way to go! In the finest traditon of American politics, it is encumbent upon all of us to support the candidate who gives us the most cash! Maybe Whitehead could just write each of us a check in exchange for our vote...? Look, constituent service is a big part of a politician's job because GOVERNMENT DOESN'T WORK. Think about it: either Ms. Kavanagh was not entitled to the benefit she was seeking, or else the government agency was not competent to determine that she _was_ entitled to it (most likely the latter). Whitehead's intervention is simply evidence that the system doesn't work. That doesn't make him some great leader; he's just a guy with a good constituent service staff.

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sign in 06/01/07 - 11:55 am
So What are you saying?

So What are you saying? Because government doesn't work
we should vote for someone other than Whitehead? If you're
looking for great leaders good luck. At least Whitehead did
his job by helping this constituent, and also he doesn't drive
around drunk!

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