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As an African-American member of the Augusta community, I was dismayed to see other African-Americans block a project by the Augusta Housing Authority to build a mixed-income community.

We fought for years to have the right to live where we wanted and could afford to live. Not so long ago, the same reasons they cited - crime, property values lowering and a general bad element - were used against us. It was called housing discrimination.

Officials need to think about what they are doing. It may just come back and bite them in the end when they decide to move somewhere trying to better their situation.

Dee Stokes, Augusta

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patriciathomas 04/27/07 - 05:22 am
Ms Stokes, I'd like to say

Ms Stokes, I'd like to say as an American-American that the negative coments weren't aimed at you specifically. They were directed at a situation that has historicaly attracted crime, property values lowering and a general bad element. I think a lot more people would have supported the project if the proposed site was near West Lake.

bone 04/27/07 - 05:39 am
Tough words, patriciathomas.

Tough words, patriciathomas. It almost seems that you are saying private investors can decide when to cut & run from a bad deal. Hasn't our culture taught you anything? Shouldn't investors be clamoring to dump money onto projects that promise increased crime & low return on investment? At least we have government to fill the gap between reason and ridiculous...

lazeeday 04/27/07 - 07:06 am
Ms Stokes LOOK CLOSER ... a

Ms Stokes LOOK CLOSER ... a lot of whites also live in low income housing.The point was they way it was handled by all.The AHA.The hamptons developer and the developer of the low income community.Also due to the fact that south augusta is already saturated with low income housing.Why not build it in west augusta where the area alredy has plenty of jobs and transportation to help support these families

toppergem 04/27/07 - 10:08 am
South Augusta already has

South Augusta already has enough low income housing in the area. No more is needed...particulary not areas disguised as mixed income dwelling. If ithis project was such a great idea it could still be place in another area of the city. Place it in anarea that has employment opportunities to support those who would be living there and are in dire need of a job.

djaponicas 04/27/07 - 07:58 pm
I'm glad to see that my

I'm glad to see that my comments have gotten others to talk. Patriciathomas I never felt the comments were aimed at me...but I can remember the hurt in my fathers voice as he related to me a story about how housing was specifically built for workers of us steel, and how he was told that because he was Black he couldnt buy there.
I agree lazeeday it was handled bad by all and I also agree that west augusta would have been a model area to do this but this was not the alternative given. I also know that whites occupy a great deal of low income housing.
Toppergem there needs to be more employment opportunity placed in the areas of existing housing instead of placing everything out on Washington Rd and the Wheeler Rd areas, we also need more straight to major educational opportunities here as well.
Unfortunately now the AHA is going to be responisible for repaying $70 to $80 to the developer, hopefully in the future there will be dialog and not outrage first.

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