Incompetent leadership plagues us

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To supplement my retirement, I police the shoulders of our highways for aluminum cans. I would not hesitate to say that our highways are as trashy as any Third World nation.

Having been the litter control officer for Aiken County, I would like to state that the problem is with incompetent leadership within our jail system. The very reason that I took early retirement was because I was not allowed to do my job. The powers to be wanted baby-sitters instead of correctional officers. You are required to be the inmates' friend instead of an authority figure. What we have created is a nursery for criminals. We have pampered and coddled criminals for so long that they are no longer required to do any hard labor.

It is not my intention to be rude or arrogant. In every direction you look, all you see is incompetence and ignorance. At the expense of repeating myself, we are living in a fool's paradise.

It has been my observation that the people of South Carolina choose to be ignorant. It's easier to go with the flow than to buck the system.

Let me end by saying patriotism means to stand by one's country and telling the truth, not by standing with incompetent leaders.

Andy Windham, Wagener, S.C.

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patriciathomas 02/17/07 - 08:02 am
The politically correct and

The politically correct and bleeding hearts have taken over the prison system from arrogant sadists. Neither concept makes any sence. The vast majority of people locked up are there because they've never learned responsibility or accountability, until it was too late. Forcing prisoners to do menial work until they are ready to learn a usuable trade makes clear there are better and worse ways to live. An important lesson most of them never learned. Working the incarcerated would be a productive training plan and would potentially help everyone. It would be a lot better then the warehousing system in place now.

crackertroy 02/17/07 - 08:21 am
This is a great letter. Apart

This is a great letter. Apart from the justice system's failure to put criminals on the roadsides to clean up trash, the common citizen is to blame because he or she is too ignorant to understand that throwing trash out on the streets lowers the value of the community and grossly affects the economy, thus affecting him or her directly. Deke Copenhaver has stated that this is one of his pet peeves but we will see what he does about it. We should have prisoners patrolling the streets daily; through the rain, snow, blistering heat of summer until they are the only trash left on the street. Our servicemen in the military are required to serve in such conditions, why not prisoners?

mgroothand 02/17/07 - 10:00 am
Could it be that the prison

Could it be that the prison guards do not wish to be out there in all weather conditions? They probably have some union that "protects" them from such miseries.
As an aside, most military of western Europe are unionized, go figure!

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