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Bassist Ryan Griffis of the metal band Chairleg is in the Sonic Spotlight.  Andrew Davis Tucker/Staff
Andrew Davis Tucker/Staff
Bassist Ryan Griffis of the metal band Chairleg is in the Sonic Spotlight.

AGE: 28


OCCUPATION: Lead bartender at The Playground on Broad Street

GUITAR: Pictured with his Warwick Fortress four-string bass

MEMBER OF: Chairleg, 2005-present; The Sixth Hour, 2002-2006; Youth at Risk, 2000-2002; StykFigure, 1998-2000

FIRST ROCK SHOW: AC/DC at The Omni, Atlanta, 1996: "That show still stands out in my mind as one of the best performances I've ever seen on stage. They had all the bells and whistles."

FAVORITE SHOW: At BloodFest 12 at Sector 7G, Augusta, 2005: "It was empty when we started. Next thing we know, everybody that was there was up front and center. It was awesome."

WORST SHOW: With The Sixth Hour in Columbia, 2004: "This guy got naked and was jumping up and down on a pogo stick. ... He was trying to impress the ugly girls he was with."

HANDPICKED CONCERT LINEUP: Mudvayne, Death Blooms; Megadeth, Rust in Peace; Slipknot, Liberate; The Doors, The End; Igor Stravinsky, any tune; Alice in Chains, any song.

ONLINE: Hear Chairleg at

LISTEN: Listen to "GON" By Ryan Griffis of the band 'Chairleg.'

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