Get tough on jihadists: Go nuclear

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It is sad to say that many people do not want to live in peace with the world. According to Pastor John Hagee and his Christian Arab converts on his talk shows, there are more than 100 million out of the 1-billion-plus Muslims who are jihadists. This is a conservative number.

If I were president and anything like 9-11 happened again, I would give the Arab world, as a whole, an ultimatum: Live in peace or die in your sands. If no peace was reached after the first attack, one city would be destroyed with a tactical nuclear weapon. If there was a retaliation, then the next city would fall. The Japanese learned quickly. I would do this to the extent such that their population would need a millennium to come back to present population levels. This is harsh, but you must understand they want all non-Muslims dead or converted.

Their mind-set is not tolerable in today's world. Reagan had Star Wars right, but for the wrong reasons today. Iran and North Korea are the large threats. We need the buffer that Star Wars affords. A great military affords peace.

Michael J. Rhoden, North Augusta, S.C.

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JohnRandolphHardisonCain 02/08/07 - 06:52 am
Actually it is the mindset of

Actually it is the mindset of so-called Christians like "Pastor" John
Hagee and twisted individuals like Michael Rhoden that is intolerable
in today's world. Those of us in the reality based community hold out
hope that reason can prevail over those in our country who call for
such extreme measures as the serial use of nuclear weapons on civilian
populations. Juxtapose the rationale and logic contained in this
nutcase of a letter with the fact filled and well reasoned LTE by Larry
Jarrett which is also published in today's Augusta Chronicle online
edition. The radical religious right in this country must be contained.
Call it militant Christianity or call it militarism run amok. It is
beyond me why "religious" organizations and their religious right radio
programs are granted tax free status. To John Hagee's name
add the names of religious extremists James Dobson and Richard
Land. They are not pastors or enlighted leaders. They are reactionary
individuals with purely political objectives. I have never in my life
listened to anyone who is more of a pure political animal than Richard
Land. You can catch him on am 660. God is love, truth, and reason not war, hate
& agitation.

ohhsweetconcord 02/08/07 - 09:17 am
Good Lord John, you have a

Good Lord John, you have a long name. And you're mostly right, Rhoden is a loony. I would not classify Dobson as an "extremist," though I would say he is wrong about most of his social conservative political views. And God may be "love and truth," or whatever, but he and religion certainly do not include "reason" as part of their mantra.

jack 02/08/07 - 12:10 pm
Hey Johnlongname, when was

Hey Johnlongname, when was the last time you tried to "reason" with a Muslim radical jihadist? I don't necessarily buy the nuke proposition, but to win any war, it must be fought to win at any price, If Bush has made any mistakes, his biggest one was to try and fight a politically correct war which can not be won.

LaTwon 02/08/07 - 01:04 pm
so they can blow themselves

so they can blow themselves up but we cannot do it for them.
so now christians are the terrorist. tax them. it is the liberal answer, tax and destroy. take all you have and make you behave so you may have a small portion back. the rest we will spend promoting bad behaviors and destroying families til all of you are dependent on us. we know best.

3M3T1B 02/08/07 - 02:33 pm
That's very much like

That's very much like destroying a whole neighborhood because the burglar who broke into your house lives in that neighborhood. That's just crazy talk.

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