Futurity Non-Pro Finals results

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Results are listed by score, rider, rider's hometown, horse, and money

220.0: Wesley Galyean, Ardmore, OK, Missing Addition, $19,127

216.0: Chad Bushaw, Weatherford, TX, Frappuccino N Pasta, $13,399

215.5: Skip Queen, Lipan, TX, Bronzed Feather, $11,166

214.5: Mark Pearson, Spearman, TX, Clifford Rey, $10,509

213.5: Stacy Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Hot N Smart, $9,852

213.0: Scott Ferguson, Hempstead, TX, Hes A Special Rey, $9,195

212.0: Julie Hansma, Weatherford, TX, Flo and Tell, $8,013

211.0: Kyle Manion, Aubrey, TX, Ricochet Freckles, $7,750

210.0: Traci Burgess, Perrin, TX, HB Chulas Lizzie, $6,305

210.0: Wesley Galyean, Ardmore, OK, Shes Icing On The Cat, $6,305

208.0: Stacie McDavid, Fort Worth, TX, Dual Donnie Rey, $5,254

207.0: Kenny McLean, Point Clear, AL, Thomas E Hughes, $4,229

207.0: Chad Bushaw, Weatherford, TX, White Cat A Lena, $4,229

206.0: Greg Coalson, Weatherford, TX, Highjanapep, $3,547

204.0: Kelle Earnheart, Hernando, MS, KL Kit Cat, $2,089

202.0: Robert Graves, Hilton Head Island, SC, Make Your Bet, $2,089

200.0: Mary Ann Rapp, Weatherford, TX, Tootsie Rey, $2,075

197.0: Carroll Baggett, Fort Worth, TX, Xquizit Cat, $2,075

181.0: Kirkland Gruber, St. George, SC, Cetas Ahoy Mate, $2,075

0.0: Matt Miller, Poolville, TX, Travs Scooter, $2,075

TOTAL: $131,358

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