Working Orders 1

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Working orders are listed by working order, rider name, rider's hometown, and horse name

1. Boyd Rice, Spearman, TX, Very Special Cat

2. Sean Flynn, Weatherford, TX, Hickorys Sting Rey

3. Boyd Rice, Spearman, TX, ARC Cat Her Please

4. Jody Galyean, Marietta, OK, Chic Ka Ching Chic

5. Ron Gonsalves, Weatherford, TX, Dual Donnie Rey

6. J B McLamb, Weatherford, TX, Boony Playboy

7. Phil Rapp, Weatherford, TX, Tootsie Rey

8. Boyd Rice, Spearman, TX, Playin Pistol

9. Wayne Czisny, Marietta, OK, Boonbiscuit

10. Jody Galyean, Marietta, OK, Myles From Nowhere

11. Tim Barry, Byron, IL, Set Um Up Mate

12. Clint Allen, Weatherford, TX, CD Graceful Dual


13. Phil Rapp, Weatherford, TX, Cats Twisted Whisker

14. Faron Hightower, Bluff Dale, TX, Smart Sassy Cat

15. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Oh Cay To Smoke

16. Steve Ginn, Turkey, NC, Stylish Wood 003

17. Jody Galyean, Marietta, OK, Spyder

18. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, Smart Lil Paragon

19. Wayne Czisny, Marietta, OK, Boonlight N Bay

20. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Dynomighty Million

21. Bruce Morine, Weatherford, TX, Hey Georgy Girl

22. J B McLamb, Weatherford, TX, Lucindas Catolena

23. Clint Allen, Weatherford, TX, Wood I Never

24. Brett Davis, Texarkana, TX, Ima Cattin Playboy


25. Neil Roger, Burleson, TX, Smart Little Handful

26. Zeke Entz, Collierville, TN, High Brow Twist

27. Mark Lavender, Brenham, TX, Genuine Laney

28. Tommy Marvin, Barnsdall, OK, Catacre

29. Mike Graham, Bluffton, SC, Dulces Smart Oak

30. Steve Colclasure, Cushing, OK, Little Sa Lena

31. Sam Shepard, Magnolia Springs, AL, Thomas E Hughes

32. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Ginas Cat

33. Phil Rapp, Weatherford, TX, My Guy Rey

34. Bill Freeman, Rosston, TX, One Good Thing

35. Brett Davis, Texarkana, TX, WH Diablos Playgirl

36. Lee Francois, Murchison, TX, Pretty N Smart


37. Ron Gonsalves, Weatherford, TX, Dmac Sterling Spoon

38. Grant Simon, Bearden, AR, Justa Lil Freck

39. Steve Ginn, Turkey, NC, OH Cay Starlight

40. Matt Gaines, Weatherford, TX, Boogie Boon

41. Randy Butler, Gainesville, TX, BBR Miller Time

42. Kory Pounds, Newport Coast, CA, Dual Matrix

43. Mark Lavender, Brenham, TX, MK Blue

44. Brad Mitchell, Thompson Station, TN, Bingos Mate

45. Brett Davis, Texarkana, TX, Purrfect 010

46. Tracy Barton, Penhook, VA, Cetas Ahoy Mate

47. Michael Blewitt, Hartsville, SC, Eastern Sky Zeruiah

48. Gary Ray, Throckmorton, TX, Della Modena


49. Gary Ray, Throckmorton, TX, Dual Madera

50. Lloyd Cox, Fort Morgan, CO, Bitty Little Lena

51. J B McLamb, Weatherford, TX, Commander Playgun

52. Sam Shepard, Magnolia Springs, AL, Playful Richochet

53. Tommy Marvin, Barnsdall, OK, A Cattin Jack

54. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, Desires Rey

55. Austin Shepard, Summerdale, AL, San Tule Uno

56. Ron Gonsalves, Weatherford, TX, Dmac Spoonalena

57. Neil Roger, Burleson, TX, Play Dually

58. Lloyd Cox, Fort Morgan, CO, Reydeemer

59. Tommy Marvin, Barnsdall, OK, Gingers Spice Cat

60. Clint Allen, Weatherford, TX, Hydrive Cat

* - denotes limited entries

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