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More than five years after the Sept. 11 attacks, President George W. Bush has yet to secure America's southern border.

There's no fence. There's no electronic "virtual" fence. And Border Patrol agents are still vastly undermanned and, in some cases, outgunned by drug- and immigrant-smugglers.

The president has an opportunity to turn this mess around in his final two years in office.

A good start would be to pardon two Border Patrol agents who reported to prison Wednesday to serve ridiculously long terms for having wounded a drug smuggler in the buttocks who had assaulted one of them and dumped a substantial load of marijuana before escaping back to Mexico.

Agents Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, two fathers of three, were handed 12 years and 11 years, respectively, for hurting the poor little guy who was only violating America's sovereignty and bringing a load of some 800 pounds of illegal drugs with him.

This is a national outrage.

Mr. President, you have failed to protect Americans from famously porous borders, and an invasion of millions of illegal aliens. You have left most of our southern flank exposed, while Muslim terrorists around the world have been plotting more carnage on American soil.

Mr. President, this is a dereliction of your highest, and most urgent, obligation to the American people. And it must stop.

The least you can do as a first step is to pardon two border agents who risked their lives every work day for us on a dangerous front that you have failed to properly fortify.

You need not pardon the admitted drug smuggler, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, as he was never charged with anything.

"This is the worst betrayal of American defenders I have ever seen," said U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. "(Bush) obviously thinks more about his agreements with Mexico than the lives of American people and backing up his defenders.

"If the conviction of Ramos and Compean is an indication of how our government will repay them, we can be certain good men and women will soon flee the ranks of Border Patrol service."

Pardon these men forthwith, Mr. President. Send a message that men and women defending our security won't be thrown to the wolves.

And send a long-needed message that drug smugglers that openly violate our borders are taking their lives - or at least their rear ends - into their own hands.

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mgroothand 01/22/07 - 09:31 am
With the stroke of a pen Bush

With the stroke of a pen Bush could pardon these two border guards. Why does he not do that? Who, other than some Mexicans, would he tick off? Rhetorical questions. Incidentally the drug smuggler is planning to sue the US government for $5M for being shot in the butt.

ohhsweetconcord 01/22/07 - 09:49 am
He want unarmed. These agents

He want unarmed. These agents knew that and yet they still shot the man. They deserve some sort of punishment.

But 11 and 12 years? Jeesh, c'mon. That's far too much.

jack 01/22/07 - 11:08 am
I fully agree tghat a pardon

I fully agree tghat a pardon is in order. These agents should never have been charged n the first place for doing their jobs.

carl 01/22/07 - 08:25 pm
Ron Paul ,for President of

Ron Paul ,for President of these United States! Ron Paul is a conservative from Texas. Ron would give these men a full pardon ,as well as, stop illegal immigration. I like Mike Ryan's conservative views, I just wish he had a better view of Southerners and their views. Phil Kent (Previous editor)was born in New York ,but had a Southern perspective. Susan D was becoming objective to Southern folks.

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