Single life isn't kid stuff

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After reading the recent New York Times story finding that more U.S. women are living without a husband than with one, many people likely sounded the familiar drumbeat that the traditional American family is under attack.

Stop the music. It's not buckling under an attack. It's slowly dying from neglect.

Strangely, the full Times article spanned almost 1,500 words without mentioning one word:


Mind you, the authors were very comprehensive in the way they interviewed middle-aged women embracing their singlehood after years under the marital yoke, or women who simply don't want to get married.

And there's nothing wrong with any of that.

But the minefield the Times chose not to enter is an area in which children suffer from not growing up in households with a mother and a father.

It's a fact that's painstakingly well-documented. Involved, loving fathers contribute significantly to children's cognitive development, achievement, motivation, sense of security, confidence and the likelihood of making sound life choices, according to study after study cited by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

That's not to say marriage is a magic bullet for a happy family. Not every dad is a Bill Cosby or an Ozzie Nelson. And marriage shouldn't have to be forced on a capable parent who is happily single.

However, all children deserve the best chance at success and happiness, and the best way to deliver it is through a mom and a dad.

But don't take our word for it - ask your parents.

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cantwejustgetoverit 01/17/07 - 11:24 am
With a shortage of men to go

With a shortage of men to go around it is no wonder women are embracing single motherhood. Many women now are the sole bread earners for their families now. I am not saying ALL men are like this but in my experience too many "mothers" have not had a male influence in the lives of their sons and have raised a generation of sorry momma's boys. These men do not want to live the security of mom's bosum and many don't want the responsibilities of parenthood. How do I know? I went through this for years with my ex-boyfriend. Are there other fish in the sea? Sure, if you can reel them away from their over bearing, stifling, mothers. Is this cycle going to continue? Probably. I see no end in sight. But I will say if I have to go the single parent route then if I have a son I will teach him to be self sufficent and independant.

Queen4842 01/17/07 - 12:01 pm
You tell me to ask my

You tell me to ask my parents...sure I am 42 years old and since my mom and dad divorced when I was 10, and I was raised by my father, I guess I could actually say without a doubt this is not a fact. Not only am I normal, was raised normal, but I am successful to. All by myself without some man to pay my bills. I also have two sons from my one and only marriage, which I have raised with their father very much in the picture, so it is safe to say I can speak to both sides of the coin. My kids are extremely well adjusted thanks.

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