Originally created 12/31/06

NFL power rankings

Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.


1. San Diego Chargers 1

They're finding just about every way to win a game now.

2. Baltimore Ravens 2

Would love to give Steve McNair a week to rest.

3. Chicago Bears 3

Unanswered quarterback questions going into the playoffs are not a way to win a title.

4. New Orleans Saints 6

Will the week off hurt the momentum they've built going into the playoffs?

5. New England Patriots 5

They're playing well but they need to play a lot better.

6. Indianapolis Colts 4

Ironic they've lost by last-second field goals when they have the best clutch kicker in league history on their side.

7. Philadelphia Eagles 9

Going 3-0 in the NFC East on the road in the past month is unbelievable.

8. Cincinnati Bengals 8

The mistakes they're making have to stop.

9. Dallas Cowboys 7

Lucky they clinched a playoff spot earlier this month.

10. Denver Broncos 11

Can Jay Cutler continue to excel into the playoffs?

11. Jacksonville Jaguars 10

It's out of their hands now.

12. New York Jets 14

It's simple. Win and they're in.

13. Tennessee Titans 15

Nobody in the AFC wants to see them in the playoffs. Looks like they'll get their wish.

14. Seattle Seahawks 12

Lost a big chance to make a statement last week against San Diego.

15. Kansas City Chiefs 16

They still need help at wide receiver to make a playoff run.

16. New York Giants 13

That was embarrassing against New Orleans but they still might be in the playoffs.

17. Atlanta Falcons 18

Their season could be over before they even play the Eagles today.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers 17

No repeat this year.

19. Carolina Panthers 22

Their New Year's resolution will be to forget about 2006.

20. Green Bay Packers 27

Who would have ever thought they'd still be alive for a playoff spot?

21. St. Louis Rams 23

They need to get Steven Jackson more involved next year.

22. Buffalo Bills 19

Made a lot of progress and should be a bright spot next season.

23. Miami Dolphins 20

Had a chance to ruin the Jets' season, now they'll try to dampen the Colts' chances.

24. Minnesota Vikings 24

Their ship has officially sunk.

25. San Francisco 49ers 21

Lost a golden opportunity to create a lot of drama in the NFC West.

26. Houston Texans 28

At least they finally beat the Colts.

27. Arizona Cardinals 26

Matt Leinart will have plenty of time to rest up for next year. 28. Washington Redskins 29

Who gets the blame laid on them this time by Daniel Snyder?

29. Cleveland Browns 29

Better luck next year.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30

They need a lot of help in the off-season.

31. Oakland Raiders 31

Will we see a Daunte Culpepper-Randy Moss reunion next year?

32. Detroit Lions 32

What receiver will Matt Millen whiff on this time?


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