Originally created 12/31/06

Carolina rants and raves

THANKS TO THE individual who returned several items received by mistake at Wal-Mart in North Augusta. This person has restored my faith to know there are still honest people in this world. I hope this person reads the Rants & Raves to see how much this was appreciated.

THIS IS FOR SHERIFF Hunt at the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas, especially while our family is sitting and trying to figure out why your department can't or won't do anything about 50 years of my father's and mother's belongings being taken from their property. We just want to know why some people are above the law?

A RAVE TO RADIO station WAFJ-FM (88.3) and its fresh blend of Christmas music. I've heard some of my lifelong favorites and lots of new versions of songs that celebrate the Christ of Christmas. Listen next time, and it will help you remember what we should all be celebrating - the greatest gift of all - Jesus and his birth.

FOLKS, PLEASE DON'T fire your weapons into the air at midnight on New Year's Eve. That lead must come down somewhere and when it does, it could cause property damage or kill someone.

WHEN THROWING trash out of your car window, please throw yourself out, too.

THIS IS IN REFERENCE to television station WRDW's Richard Rogers. I'm 87 years old, and I think he's the greatest. I am really appalled that they are letting him go. I will not watch their channel any more. I feel like that he needs another chance, whatever the case may be.

A HUGE RAVE to Richard Rogers on Channel 12. Thank you for all you do and have done in the past. A tremendous rant to management for even thinking of squeezing him out. If you do, you'll wish you had thought that one over. It will be your and our loss, and someone else's gain. God bless our troops and the United States of America.

IN REFERENCE TO the seat-belt laws. Don't worry; Big Brother will save you.

WE NEED THE county and city police to police the cemetery of Vaucluse. Someone is stealing our flower arrangements.

I AGREE 100 PERCENT with the comment concerning the lack of discipline for children in our area. Unfortunately, this problem is widespread, not just local. I know this will rub some child psychologists and parents the wrong way that don't believe in corporal punishment, but my question to them is, "How is (their approach) working?''

TO ALL THE RANTERS supporting Richard Rogers and slamming WRDW. Channel 12 will not listen to you, the viewer, but they will listen to their advertisers. Call every business that advertises on WRDW and let them know you will not purchase their product if Mr. Rogers is fired.

THIS IS ABOUT the large American flag draped over the shoulders of the James Brown statue on Broad Street. I'm sure it was meant as respect for Mr. Brown as a great American; however, there are strict rules regarding the display of the flag, and this is a big no-no. It's a disrespect to the American flag, and this shouldn't have slipped through officials' hands.


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