Originally created 12/27/06

Facts show evolution is not science

Rod Erkes' letter to the editor ("The truth is out there on evolution," Dec. 4) - stating that evolution is fact - actually flies in the face of the facts.

Operational science is the study of that which is observable, testable and repeatable. Therefore, by definition, neither creation nor evolution is science; they are both religious and must be taken on faith.

But as for Mr. Erkes' claims, let's look at the facts - all of which can be found using Google, as was mentioned several times in his letter.

One mutation he cites pertains to the loss of red blood cells in Antarctic icefish. While this is a mutation, it is a loss of genetic information, not a gain, which is the opposite of evolution. Even the bacteria he cites as "evolving" to now eat nylon is, according to the technical journals, an adaptation within the variability of the organism's genome and not "new" information. So rather than a Creator placing "wasteful" information in the genome, there is variability designed into living things so they can adapt to changing environmental factors. Sounds to me like God knew what he was doing.

I encourage everyone to research this subject, thereby cutting through the rhetoric. Read authors such as Dr. Duane Gish, a biochemist who spoke in Augusta in October; Drs. Werner Gitt and Lee Spetner, both information researchers; Dr. Michael Behe, a biologist; or Dr. Steven Austin, a geologist - just to name a few. Google the Institute for Creation Research, Answers in Genesis, Creation on the Web or any of literally hundreds of other sites with information on this subject. The facts are clear: Evolution is not science.

Danny Ferrell, North Augusta, S.C.


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