Originally created 12/24/06

NFL power rankings


Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.


1. San Diego Chargers 1

Can anyone stop LaDainian Tomlinson?

2. Baltimore Ravens 2

They're set for a first-round bye.

3. Chicago Bears 3

Now they can really coast the rest of the way.

4. Indianapolis Colts 5

Big win against Cincinnati, now they need to carry it over.

5. New England Patriots 8

That looked like the Patriots that other teams have come to fear.

6. New Orleans Saints 4

How good is it for them? They lost, but still won the NFC South.

7. Dallas Cowboys 9

Big bounce back for Tony Romo. One win and they're NFC East champs.

8. Cincinnati Bengals 6

Their offense disappeared in the glare of the primetime lights.

9. Philadelphia Eagles 11

Hard to believe they can win the NFC East without Donovan McNabb.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars 7

They continue to lose to teams they should beat.

11. Denver Broncos 14

Showed they weren't about to lose five in a row.

12. Seattle Seahawks 12

If they get healthy they can be a dangerous squad.

13. New York Giants 10

Any momentum they gained the previous week was just swept away.

14. New York Jets 17

Fighting for a playoff spot in crowded AFC picture.

15. Tennessee Titans 15

Is there any way left that they haven't won a game this year?

16. Kansas City Chiefs 13

Someone toss them a lifeline because they're sinking fast.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers 19

Where was this earlier?

18. Atlanta Falcons 16

Maybe they could put Michael Vick in on defense, too?

19. Buffalo Bills 24

Making a late charge because of rejuvenated offense.

20. Miami Dolphins 18

That was a really bad way to bow out of the playoff hunt.

21. San Francisco 49ers 21

Two wins and two Seattle losses and say hello to your NFC West champs.

22. Carolina Panthers 20

What's Chris Weinke still doing in the league?

23. St. Louis Rams 23

Good win against Oakland but that's not saying much.

24. Minnesota Vikings 22

Nothing to get excited about.

25. Washington Redskins 29

If they only played like that the first 14 weeks of the season.

26. Arizona Cardinals 25

Fell back to earth, but they are still fighting to the end.

27. Green Bay Packers 26

Didn't look good in win over Vikings.

28. Houston Texans 27

Somewhere, Reggie Bush is snickering.

29. Cleveland Browns 28

What a shocker. They're playing for next season again.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31

The sales of Tim Rattay jerseys to Bucs' fans just went through the roof.

31. Oakland Raiders 30

I'm not sure the city of Oakland wants this mess anymore.

32. Detroit Lions 32

No hope for this team unless there are major front office changes.


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