Originally created 12/24/06

Time to test your holiday IQ

Bah! said Scrooge. Humbug!

- Charles Dickens

Well, here we are on Christmas Eve. If you've got the family sitting around with nothing to do, why not give them a seasonal trivia contest with these questions provided by Morris News Service? I've provided the potential answers below.

1. What's the name of the town in the movie It's A Wonderful Life?

A. Duckberg

B. Bedford Falls

C. Harlem

D. Mayberry

2. What's the real name of The Night Before Christmas?

A. A Christmas Story

B. A Christmas Carol

C. The Midnight Rider

D. A Visit from St. Nicholas

3. The song White Christmas debuted in what movie?

A. Holiday Inn

B. Meet Me in St. Louis

C. Bells of St. Marys

D. White Christmas

4. Which of the following is not a real song?

A. Christmas in Dixie

B. You're My Fruitcake

C. Christmas in Prison

D. Don't Get Drunk For Christmas

5. Who first narrated the TV version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

A. Boris Karloff

B. Burl Ives

C. James Earl Jones

D. Bob Hope

6. In the movie Scrooged, a modern look at A Christmas Carol, who played Tiny Tim?

A. Tiny Tim

B. Madonna

C. Mary Lou Retton

D. Adam Sandler

7. What rock star recorded a televised duet of Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby shortly before Bing's 1977 death?

A. Michael Jackson

B. David Bowie

C. Jimmy Buffett

D. Bob Dylan

8. What tragedy strikes Mike Brady in A Very Brady Christmas?

A. Trapped in a collapsed building he designed

B. Nose swells after he was struck in face with snowball

C. Loses job

D. Stuck in the hospital

9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was created for:

A. Disney cartoon

B. Department store promotion

C. Song for Gene Autry

D. The Muppets

10. Which movie DOES NOT take place around Christmas?

A. Home Alone 2

B. Die Hard

C. Snow Day

D. Gremlins

ANSWERS: 1(B), 2(D), 3(A), 4(B), 5(A), 6(C), 7(B), 8(A), 9(B), 10(C).

9-10 - RUDOLPH LEVEL: Go to the head of the sleigh!

7-8 - SUGAR PLUM VISIONARY: Pretty good, Keep dreaming.

5-6 - HUMBUG LEVEL: Pay attention next year!

Below 4 - GRINCH DIVISION: Take your lump of coal and go to bed.


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