Originally created 12/19/06

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The thank-you note

Wth the holidays upon us, one thing comes to mind - presents. But while we're in the giving and getting spirit, we shouldn't forget to say thanks. I talked with Mary Scott, of Merry Times in Surrey Center, for some tips on the etiquette of writing thank-you notes.

- Thank-you notes should be written as soon as possible after receiving the gift, no matter how big or small.

- Rather than writing a vague statement such as "Thank you for the wonderful gift," be specific. For example: "Thank you for the cool socks. They were just what I needed."

- Adding a personal touch, such as, "It was great seeing you at the function" always makes the note seem more genuine.

- Make the note personal by writing it yourself, and remember that it's OK to keep it short and simple.


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