Originally created 12/17/06

Forget it - the Iraq war is over

The adventure in Iraq is over, and will no longer be tolerated by the people of America and the Congress. It is over because we never belonged there. It is over because Bush had no knowledge of the culture he was trying to convert to democracy. It is over because he never prepared the troops for a four-year escapade with no exit in sight. It is over because the killing of our troops in Iraq never ceases.

President Bush acts like he is a godlike figure, and can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Well, his dream of glory and victory is coming down around his head and his administration. Despite his bravado that we will continue until victory, he faces a storm from 70 percent of Americans who see us as bogged down and in an inglorious situation that the Baker Commission called "grave and deteriorating."

Democrats have heard the people, and will act to stop the killing despite the deaf ears and stubbornness of a now-tragic figure, George W. Bush.

The Chronicle should join this chorus because its claims by cartoon and editorial that we can have a victory is falling on deaf ears, many of them Republican.

Lowell Greenbaum, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)


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