Originally created 11/29/06

Are we losing the will to fight?

Statistically, in the sixth year of a two-term president, the party in power always loses an average of 35 to 44 seats in the House of Representatives, and five or six seats in the Senate. Thus has it always been! I had hoped we would avoid that statistical glitch this time because of the unsavory nature of the opposition.

Significant things have occurred since the election, and the Democrats have not yet assumed power. They have announced their agenda, which is to investigate Halliburton, the CIA, Big Oil and Big Tobacco. Not a word about our national security and radical Islam's war against us! What will be the fate of the Patriot Act and the Foreign Surveillance Act? Both are useful tools in keeping the country secure but are vilified by the left.

Al-Qaida has released a video congratulating the Democrats on their win. The video also carries the ominous revelation that they still intend to kill as many Americans as possible - and, oh yes, "have a nice day!" Surprised? Why are they so pleased at a Democrat win?

It appears we, as a nation, have lost the will to defend ourselves. What seems to be the easier solution for the moment has been taken, and that is the real prospect of retreat in the face of an unwavering enemy who has sworn us harm. Unwilling to face the reality of hard choices in a dangerous world, temporary solace has been found by embracing the naysayers and appeasers, who in turn have sought only political benefit from our perceived dilemma in Iraq and the war against terror.

Hard choices delayed will become infinitely harder choices, so be fearful of what you wished for. You will get it! Adieu, mon amis.

Robert Smock, Hephzibah


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