Originally created 11/29/06

Keep experienced Hasan on board

As a Richmond County taxpayer, I fully concur with The Augusta Chronicle's endorsement of A.K. Hasan for the school board Super District 9 seat in the Dec. 5 runoff.

A.K. Hasan is the type of elected official we rarely get to see in this community. He has the courage to challenge the status quo and get things done. His opponents see him as a threat to their usual control of politics in the black community. That's why he had three challengers in the past election. It was not about his being ineffective, or about former Superintendent Charles Larke, for that matter. It was about control. A.K. has never bought into this type of politics, simply because it is not in the best interest of the children he represents.

I can speak with experience to what happens to black politicians who dare to see things from a different perspective - a perspective of what is good for the whole community and not just for one segment. They are called many negative names in an effort to smear their reputation.

I would hope that, come Dec. 5, we go to the polls and vote for A.K. Hasan as the best choice to represent our children and the taxpayers this upcoming term on the school board. He has the experience, the know-how and the leadership to get things done. That's what we need during this critical period: to move the school system forward.

Let's not allow petty differences to rob us of the services of a proven, effective board member. Let's give A.K. a four-year term to continue to serve the needs of our children.

Grady Abrams, Martinez


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