Originally created 11/22/06

A drag strip? How stupid is that?

I see Woody Merry fighting the proposed drag strip in south Augusta, as well he should.

I guess memories are selective around here. Does anyone remember one of the biggest ripoffs in Augusta history, the Augusta International Raceway? I think it had one race by NASCAR. Fireball Roberts won it, and NASCAR never came back. A lot of people were duped out of their hard-earned money. And oh, by the way, it had a quarter-mile drag strip along with the oval and road course.

The last thing this town needs is a drag strip. That is the stupidest idea the Augusta Commission has come up with yet. Think maybe a new jail to throw these gangs in might be better? Oh, here's a novel idea: Let's don't lay off any law enforcement.

Why don't Augusta commissioners concentrate on running this embarrassing town? That's the business they are supposed to be in, not pushing a drag strip no one wants.

Phil Patterson, Augusta


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