Originally created 11/22/06

We need to finish the job in Iraq

Paul Cook said in his Nov. 19 letter that troops must leave Iraq now, and some of his family and friends did not agree with him. None of them had a loved one killed or maimed.

Would this make a difference?

I have several friends and one family member in Iraq. If any one of them was killed, what I would like to see is the number of our troops increased and finish the job.

I went to north Africa with the 2nd Armored Division in 1942, and served in seven campaigns and two D-Day landings. There were a number of my friends killed; the members of the unit wanted to wipe out the units we were facing. We stayed over there until the war was over in 1945. We came home then as proud men. Our members who did not come back, I know, would be proud of our fighting troops today.

Every time I see where we had a military man or woman killed in Iraq, it runs through my mind how many Americans' lives here at home did he save by fighting them over there, not here in Augusta.

I am proud I voted for President Bush, and feel our first lady is outstanding. Maybe it is time for a lady president; she would be outstanding, and look at the members of her family that are in a position to advise her.

I see some of the Democrats are backing the draft. I hope they can convince President Bush this is the right way to go. The American way has always been to finish the job. This is what makes us great.

John P. Clements, Augusta


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