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Gloverville pupils have holiday meal with their parents

Gloverville Elementary School had an early Thanksgiving feast for its pupils and their parents.

Gloverville held the Eat Lunch With Your Child Day on Nov. 14. Parents also had a chance to visit their children's classrooms and go to a book fair in the library.

At the Thanksgiving meal, many of the children bypassed the traditional turkey and dressing for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Howard Barton Jr., 6, didn't talk much with his parents during lunch - he was focused on the strawberry Good Humor bar.

"My mom didn't drive, so she couldn't be a part of these days (when I attended school)," said Lisa Beck, Howard's mother. "I can tell he acts happier when we come to these events."

Howard's dad said his father also wasn't able to spend time with him during the school day, so he makes an extra effort to be with Howard at school events.

As the meal was ending, Jakayla Etheridge's mom, Julie Etheridge, made sure Jakayla finished her chocolate milk before heading back to class.

"I always try to make sure she gets at least a mouthful," Ms. Etheridge said.

Ms. Etheridge said she enjoyed eating lunch with 5-year-old Jakayla and talking with other parents.

First-grade teacher Linda Eubanks said the number of parents participating in the lunch has increased over the years.

"It's wonderful because they share in their child's daily routine," Ms. Eubanks said. "Parents also get to know each other better. I just think it's wonderful to meet the parents and build a relationship with them.

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