Originally created 11/17/06

Goodbye, fear? It's just starting

I am a political independent who usually votes Republican, the lesser of two evils. So I was amused with Lowell Greenbaum's letter ("Goodbye, fear - hello, Democrats," Nov. 14) stating that fear was gone since President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would be gone.

With left-wing extremists such as Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Charlie Rangel and other socialist-leaning politicians taking over, look for the following fears to emerge:

- redistribution of wealth that will weaken our free enterprise system, superior to any such system known;

- increase in spending on inefficient social welfare programs;

- increase in taxes;

- rising inflation;

- higher unemployment, unless massive government jobs are created;

- falling stock market;

- less emphasis on homeland security, especially electronic surveillance;

- weakening of our armed forces, which many Democrats hold in disdain or outright hatred;

- rapid increase in abortions;

- drastic increase in the secular progressive movement;

- protective measures for known or suspected terrorists - and we will be attacked;

- appointment of activist judges who legislate from the bench, ignoring the Constitution;

- appeasement of hostile nations such as Iran, North Korea and Syria;

- cozying up to China, which will probably be our worst enemy in the future (remember the vast amount of money China funneled into the United States to help elect Bill Clinton and Al Gore).

The list goes almost to infinity, no thanks to those who voted for Democrats without knowing what they really stand for.

Bill Heaton, Augusta


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