Originally created 11/12/06

People are still buying old lies on Iraq

Once again, Americans are being subjected to the same old accusations regarding President Bush and his administration. Let's take a closer look at the top two accusations, and the facts.

- The Iraq war is illegal, and the president should be impeached. The fact: Back in 1991, the administration got congressional approval to, along with a coalition force, use military might against Iraq's government. Within 60 days the Iraqi government signed a cease-fire agreement that had numerous U.N. resolutions attached. The Iraqi government again and again defied those resolutions, which warranted the coalition forces to continue with a bombing campaign 13 years later. There's nothing illegal about our and the coalition forces being in Iraq, or President Bush would've been impeached and charged long ago.

- Intelligence reports were falsified. Fact: Most folks learned long ago the truth about this accusation. It was the CIA's lack of communication with the FBI regarding intelligence that was gathered by the CIA that led to a debate over what intelligence was accurate. What was clear to most just before the coalition forces restarted their bombing campaign was the report that satellites had captured pictures of several trucks leaving Iraq for Syria. Once coalition forces arrived in Iraq, chemical labs were found with open containers that would have killed anyone not wearing proper gear.

Live television did a great job of showing the world what all was found vs. the word of those who protest any war, but have no resolution nor plan to protect our shores from those who are bent on killing Americans.

Dan Leonard, Grovetown


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