Originally created 11/12/06

Why did this case come up now?

I am a neighbor to Peter Ciccio, and have not found him to be the person The Augusta Chronicle would like to make him out to be ("Commissioner should resign," Oct. 16).

Other people I have met, other than those involved in local politics, have said Peter is honest and can be trusted. These are people who have known him all his life.

The stolen equipment referred to in the editorial was sitting next to my property in plain sight of the street. - not a place to hide anything. He offered to let us park in this same area when we were moving in. If we had been stealing anything, he would have been guilty of accepting stolen goods again. It's a fact that if you allow someone to place stolen goods on your property, even if you do not know that it is stolen, you can be charged with receiving stolen goods.

I find it interesting this case came up about election time. Is small-town politics involved? Why did Judge Duncan Wheale let this case sit for so long? Three years is an excessively long time for a district attorney to take to put together a theft-by-receiving case.

I cannot help but notice that editorials in The Augusta Chronicle are very one-sided and politically motivated. They usually support the present administration by pointing the finger back to a past administration. Any job I have ever had, I became responsible the day I started. That included all mistakes that were made in the past.

Your editorial said, "A good leader is one who accepts responsibility for bad decisions." It appears to me that they did accept that responsibility when they admitted in court they should have been suspicious. That is certainly not reason enough to resign from public office. What motivation does The Chronicle have in suggesting that he resign? Small-town politics?

Clayton Brooks, Hephzibah


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