Originally created 11/12/06

Rants and raves

WE THINK THE former Aiken teacher who was charged and convicted of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature was railroaded through the plea-bargain system. It's shocking the judge even accepted his plea when the allegation was just a kiss. We thought that some kind of violent injury was supposed to have occurred for an assault and battery conviction.

A HUGE RANT to the monsters that staged those dog fights. Put those two into a cage and let them fight each other to the end. Sure would save the taxpayers a lot of money.

WHY IS THE SEC picking on the Gamecocks? What's next, no live mascots? Next the cheerleaders and the band? Maybe no more body paint will be allowed at the games. Let them play the game and let the fans cheer like they want to!

A RANT TO THE BUS drivers at Paul Knox Middle School for turning a blind eye to the bullies who ride their buses. Our kids have it hard enough trying to get an education and they should not have to put up with the bullying.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to a rant from a reader that attended the state band competition in Clinton. As a band parent of a Midland Valley High School student, I would like to apologize for any remarks made by a few. Personally, I did not have the honor of watching North Augusta High School perform, because several of the parents were in the bus parking lot feeding our students. I do understand and would have felt the same had the remarks been made about our band. All of the kids worked very hard to get to that special day and should get the respect they deserve. The members of all 12 bands are winners.

A RECENT REPORT states that law enforcement corruption is at an all time high level in South Carolina and one of the most serious crimes committed by policemen is the filing of false reports, affidavits and felony perjury. Given this fact, can The Augusta Chronicle tell us how many public safety officers and deputies have been relieved of duty and/or charged with these crimes in 2005-06?

THIS IS A RANT for North Augusta Middle School and the board that governs it. You are a bunch of prejudiced snobs that don't even listen to parents. Is it the students or the interracial issue you have problems with? Why take it out on our children? Race should not be the issue, but sad to say, it is.

THE "GAPING HOLE" at First Baptist Church of North Augusta is not only the area where the old sanctuary was but more noticeably the vacancy in the pews on Sunday morning. Somebody needs to wake up and figure out what the problem is. Maybe is it that they are more concerned with building buildings than with building relationships with their members?

TO SOME OF THE PARENTS of the Midland Valley High School football team, and you know who you are: Do you ever think about how hateful you sound in the stands with your negative remarks about the coaches? Do you not realize there are coaches' wives, parents, siblings and especially their children who are having to listen to the garbage spewing out of your mouths. This is very hurtful to listen to. How would you feel if the situation was reversed? ... Please become an example that children can be proud of and not someone to be ashamed of.

THIS IS A RAVE for the two children's ministers at North Augusta First Baptist. The sermons are out of this world! You really know how to reach children, and even adults. First Baptist, you have the best preschool and children's programs in the area. I can't wait to visit again.


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