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Georgia Senate District 23 race

Question: How do you think public transit should be funded in Augusta, and would you support legislation that would empower the city to levy a 1-cent sales tax to fund public transit?

George L. DeLoach - R

I am opposed to additional taxes. The public transit system of Augusta must streamline its operations better through vehicle management and accounting reforms in order to save money. Rather than raising taxes, advertising on buses and bus stops could be used to raise additional revenue once it is needed.

J.B. Powell - D

I would like to see more of the transit funding from federal and state sources and less of the financial burden being borne by the local government. No, I do not support any additional sales taxes for transit or for any other reason. We have enough taxes if we just use the revenue wisely.

Question: What are the main issues in your district?

George L. DeLoach - R

Continued improvement of our local educational system, working hard to implement strategies on how best to work with law enforcement and providing incentives on allowing local governments to be more aggressive in luring industry. Continued funding of rural transportation systems, such as the Savannah River Parkway, should also be a top priority.

J.B. Powell - D

Economic development, health care, elderly care, education, housing, jobs, job training, and job stability (because of the detrimental effect of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA), outsourcing our textile jobs overseas, rising property taxes, loss of jobs to Mexico and gain of illegals from Mexico.

Question: What is at the heart of the racial problem in Augusta?

George L. DeLoach - R

All segments of Augusta society must feel that they have an equal voice. The elected officials of Richmond County need to hold regular hearings throughout Augusta, answering the concerns that citizens may have. ... Only when all segments feel that they are being equally represented will racial tension in Augusta be alleviated.

J.B. Powell - D

Lack of open and honest communication between member of different races on a day-to-day basis. Failure of all of us as individuals to treat each other in a respectful, Christian manner.


George L. DeLoach - R

Age: 65

Profession: Funeral director

Political experience: Waynesboro mayor, former state representative

Education: Bachelor of arts, University of Georgia; Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science

Family: Wife, Jane; children, Deborah, Laura, Cindy, Millie

J.B. Powell - D

Age: 44

Profession: Project manager

Political experience: Current senator, pre-consolidation Richmond County commissioner

Education: Augusta Technical College

Family: Wife, CharAnne; children, Jayme, 9, Wilson, 6


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