Originally created 11/05/06

NFL power rankings


Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will rank the pro teams.


1. Indianapolis Colts 1

That offense is capable of dismantling any defense.

2. Chicago Bears 2

Can Rex Grossman be effective away from Solider Field?

3. New England Patriots 4

OK, maybe they are that good.

4. New York Giants 5

They've folded in the past, but Eli Manning's much improved.

5. Atlanta Falcons 8

Who replaced Michael Vick's arm with Warren Moon's?

6. Denver Broncos 3

Offense finally showed signs of life against Indy.

7. San Diego Chargers 9

LaDainian Tomlinson carrying team.

8. Baltimore Ravens 10

My money's on Ray Lewis against Chad Johnson.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars 13

Didn't need a quarterback controversy to go with their many injuries.

10. Dallas Cowboys 18

Tony Romo might have just saved their season.

11. New Orleans Saints 6

They looked exposed last week.

12. Minnesota Vikings 7

Have to quickly look past last week's blowout. 13. Cincinnati Bengals 11

Need a win in order to keep up with Ravens.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 20

Larry Johnson has turned this team around.

15. Philadelphia Eagles 15

Are they still haunted by the loss to Tampa Bay?

16. Carolina Panthers 12

Don't look much like a contender now.

17. Seattle Seahawks 14

They have way too many holes in their offensive line.

18. St. Louis Rams 17

Defense finally reverted back to form.

19. New York Jets 16

Got robbed by the officials in last week's thriller.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers 19

Just goes to show you that replacing vets with rookies doesn't work.

21. Cleveland Browns 23

Officials gave them a gift against the Jets.

22. Green Bay Packers 25

Lambeau Field is not the advantage it once was.

23. San Francisco 49ers 22

Should be thankful they survived Soldier Field.

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21

Much like their offense, this team is punchless.

25. Tennessee Titans 27

They're playing really tough and will be a challenge the rest of the way.

26. Washington Redskins 24

Santana Moss is hurt now.

27. Oakland Raiders 31

They're on a winning streak now!

28. Buffalo Bills 26

They got a week to regroup, and they really needed it.

29. Houston Texans 28

Pulling David Carr was not the right move.

30. Detroit Lions 30

When will they realize the problems start in the front office.

31. Miami Dolphins 29

Sports Illustrated's pick for the AFC champion is looking like it's a contender for the No. 1 draft pick.

32. Arizona Cardinals 32

Edgerrin James is learning why the Cardinals are the Cardinals.


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