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South Carolina Governor candidates

Question: Describe the optimal relationship between the Legislature and the governor.

Mark Sanford (I) - Republican

In an ideal sense, the executive branch raises ideas, raises concerns, voices the opinion of the populace, proposes remedies, proposes ideas, again, pushes for change. The legislative branch codifies that, goes ahead and says, "OK, this is where we think we might go, but let's come up with the inevitable compromises. ..."

Tommy Moore - Democrat

Republicans control the House, the Senate and the governor's office, but with this governor, they can't get anything done because they meet at 9 o'clock and then at 2 o'clock; they'll come out and find a knife in their back. When you're opposed to something and you're stuck on ideology and philosophy, rather than try and get real things done, that's what happens.

Question: Describe any plans for government restructuring and why you think that would be necessary.

Mark Sanford (I) - Republican

The founding fathers set up this model to create different branches, an executive, legislative and judicial branch, each of which were to be checks upon the other, and yet we don't have that balance in our state. (The executive branch) has a more diminished role than many of the other governorships across the country.

Tommy Moore - Democrat

We need to look at what we did under (Department of Health and Environmental Control), where we went to one-stop permitting, if you will. We need to look at our health-care delivery system ... We need to look at procurement, throughout state agencies, is there a consolidation there that would better improve the delivery of services and be cost-effective.

Question: Why are you a better choice for governor than your opponent?

Mark Sanford (I) - Republican

We think it's very, very important to continue the course that we have set in changing the way that Columbia does business and in bringing about a lot of (our) proposals. ... I would say that it will take someone who is willing to at times go against the conventional political grain to bring about change.

Tommy Moore - Democrat

I have the life experiences, the work experiences, understanding what working men and women of South Carolina face every day. I'm a husband, father, grandfather. I'm a small-business man making payroll every Friday. But I also understand that working together, being a consensus-builder, will carry a lot farther than just being opposed to everything.


Mark Sanford (I) - Republican

Age: 46

Residence: Sullivans Island

Political experience: U.S. Congress 1995-2001; governor, 2003-present

Profession: Real estate/farm manager

Education: B.A., Furman University; M.B.A., University of Virginia

Family: Wife, Jenny; four sons, Marshall III, Landon, Bolton and Blake

Tommy Moore - Democrat

Age: 56

Residence: Clearwater

Political experience: House member, 1979-80; Senate member, 1981-present

Profession: Owns Boiler Efficiency Inc.

Education: B.S., University of South Carolina Aiken

Family: Wife, Dale; sons Baylen, Brent; grandchildren


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