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South Carolina Lieutenant Governor race

Question: Why would your skills and experiences make you a good lieutenant governor?

Andre Bauer (I) - Republican

Well, I've had the opportunity to serve in both bodies, the House and the Senate, and I've made great relationships with the House and the Senate across party lines. ... I've had four years (with) an office that historically didn't have any duties (that) now has tremendous duties.

Robert Barber - Democrat

I'm a small-business person, former legislator, former school board chairman, and public interest advocate. I feel like I bring a perspective that will be beneficial. My commitment is to make South Carolina an even better place to live.

Question: If you're elected, what should the lieutenant governor's office be and become?

Andre Bauer (I) - Republican

It should continue to be a voice for the seniors of South Carolina. It should continue to rule on behalf of the South Carolina Senate, to correct procedural rulings, and it should continue to try to be a bully pulpit for what you think is important; and I think reducing the size of government's important.

Robert Barber - Democrat

I would like it to be an office where, if I were in the position, I would work real hard to improve the delivery of the direct services that seniors need, like home-delivered meals, in-home health care, medical transportation to eliminate our waiting lists.

Question: Should the governor and lieutenant governor run together on a single ticket, why or why not?

Andre Bauer (I) - Republican

I think there are merits to both ways. It wouldn't bother me either way, but I would add this: If the lieutenant governor runs with the governor, then he or she probably should not be the presiding officer of the South Carolina Senate, because then you'd have the executive branch controlling the upper chamber.

Robert Barber - Democrat

Over the last number of years, South Carolinians seem to be willing to elect one of one party and one of the other, and I don't think it's a power that I would be inclined to take away.


Andre Bauer (I) - Republican

Age: 37

Residence: Charleston

Education: B.S., University of South Carolina

Profession: Businessman, real estate

Political experience: State House of Representatives, 1997-99; state Senate, 1999-2002; Lieutenant governor, 2002-present

Family: Single

Robert Barber - Democrat

Age: 57

Residence: Charleston

Education: Wofford College, 1971; master's of divinity, Duke University; law degree, South Texas College of Law

Profession: Restaurant owner

Political experience: Charleston County school board, 1984-88; state House of Representatives, 1989-94

Family: Wife, LaNelle; children, Hope and Matt; two grandchildren


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