Originally created 11/05/06

Support Richmond County education sales tax extension Tuesday

There is no more important issue than education. The impact of the quality of the instruction of our children crosses all boundaries of society, government and business. That is why the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce supports the proposed extension of the 1-cent sales tax for education.

The list of projects includes improvements and new facilities all across our county. Of particular note is the Vocational Magnet School. The business community sees the need for eager, educated students in the vocational trades.

This innovative school will be a welcome addition to Richmond County's pace-setting magnet schools.

The expansion of Freedom Park School at Fort Gordon to include middle-school-age children is another important commitment by the community to our single-largest employer.

As Fort Gordon grows, it is vital that we support that growth, and foster a strong connection between the community and the fort. Children of military personnel face special challenges; Freedom Park School has proven to be a great way for Augusta to support our soldiers in uniform.

In addition to these projects there are numerous other important items that will be paid for by the education local option sales tax (ELOST). Improving the quality of our county's education facilities and enhancing the safety and learning experience of our children is something we should all support.

The Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce encourages all Augusta-Richmond County voters to support the ELOST ballot question on Tuesday.

Susan E. Parr


Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce


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