Originally created 11/05/06

A good life lesson: Serve others

During my 45 years on this earth, I've learned several important life lessons. They are, in no particular order:

- The Mattress Police will not take you to jail if you cut off that little tag.

- Red traffic lights are demonically inspired devices, designed to keep me from getting anywhere on time.

- Ain't nothing "express" about express lines at the supermarket.

- Always yield the right-of-way to an ambulance with its lights on. One day it may be coming for you, and you need lots of brownie points built up with the ambulance gods.

- Lastly, life is far, far too short for us to be consumed with what we can take from it. True contentment comes from being a servant to our spouses, children and our community. That's a lesson that most of our local politicians - who know very little of leadership, and are only concerned with getting re-elected - have yet to learn.

Scott Finley



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