Originally created 11/05/06

Question blemished candidate forum in Evans

Candidate debate responses at Evans Town Center Library Oct. 12 distinguished those candidates who bring passion to make a meaningful impact on their positions from the professional, and not-so-professional, politicians.

Democracy works "for the people" when the voters are knowledgeable about issues and when their vote counts. I appreciate the Chamber of Commerce hosting such an event at such a magnificent venue to give voters an opportunity to hear responses from all candidates for this Tuesday's election.

Democracy works for professional politicians when the people no longer get involved and politicians can count on voter apathy and short-term memory at the polls.

The questions by the panel at the debate were reasonable, and all candidates clearly did their best to answer them. The evening became blemished, though, when Lawrence Hammond used the opportunity to ask his own question to Lee Muns as an opportunity to degrade Mr. Muns' educational background. The co-founder of Apple computers had only a high school diploma. When a campaign becomes dirty, it is usually a sign that one party feels threatened by the more qualified candidate. Rhetoric promised by Mr. Hammond was as empty as the vacant lots where he has been given permission to place his campaign signs.

Columbia County is booming, and we all stand to benefit if we place into office those who are willing to serve our community before serving themselves. The concerns for academic and safety records throughout our schools can stand on their own through cooperation with the sheriff's office in high schools and respect for progressive principals, not through manipulation by certain board of education administrators.

Those candidates who demonstrate a vision for change and commitment to get our community on track for an economically sound and ethically solid future have my vote.

Leslie Wood



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