Originally created 11/05/06

Murphy helps the elderly

Sometimes I wonder, what's going on in the world? Augusta has an able state representative in Quincy Murphy. He has lent his energies to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for Georgia's senior citizens.

Those of us who have lived and contributed to society need someone in office who understands that life is a circle. We are born and are taken care of; we grow up and take care of others; we mature and are given opportunities to help others as we ourselves are helped.

Quincy Murphy has supported continued Medicaid services for senior citizens. This is extremely important as we see the benefits we have earned erode.

As pension plans are reduced and become inadequate to support rising living costs; as our adult children struggle to make a living and raise their own children; and as diverse demands erode government support, it is important to have a man in office who understands that senior citizens need help.

Medicaid helps seniors after their resources are exhausted. State Rep. Murphy has shown us that he'll be there to support his senior voters.

Let's keep him in office. State House District 120 needs him! Augusta-Richmond County needs him!

Etta M. Adams



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