Originally created 11/05/06

Elect Fleming to school board in Aiken County

Residents of Aiken County have a wonderful opportunity to elect Ray Fleming to the local Board of Education. I have known Ray and his wife, Lynne, for about 35 years and he has always been a hands-on community volunteer.

Ray has influenced many lives in a positive manner in his church, on his athletic teams and in classrooms after he retired. If he is elected from the North Augusta area we are certain he will be a strong advocate for students and classroom teachers.

Another good reason to elect Ray is that he retired from Westinghouse and does not have a family member employed by the school district. We have too many board members who are retired school administrators whose family members are drawing school system salaries. This puts too much emphasis on salary increases and diverts attention from the classroom where more funds are desperately needed.

Remember, Ray Fleming is the right man to deal with this. Please vote to put him on the Aiken County School Board on Nov. 7.

Sheran Proctor

Former Aiken County Board of Education member

North Augusta.


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