Originally created 11/05/06

Vote for McGuire an urgent matter

One gets the impression there isn't much of a sense of urgency in the Georgia Attorney General's office under Thurbert Baker - from showing up for important cases, to zealously defending the state's laws and legal positions, to working with the governor's office, or to prosecuting deep-rooted corruption amid the state's 159 counties.

But a sense of urgency is what compels Perry McGuire - a kidney cancer survivor who realizes the value of each day and who feels one must answer the call when it comes.

The electorate and most elected officials in Georgia have gone one way, McGuire explains, as the attorney general's office has gone another. Since one of the main functions of the AG's office is to act as counsel to the other branches of government, that's not a healthy division.

Indeed, McGuire says, some have taken to hiring their own lawyers, bypassing the AG's office and costing taxpayers unnecessary money.

A former state senator and former corporate attorney for the wildly successful Chic-Fil-A restaurant company, McGuire says Baker may be the first AG in Georgia history not to argue cases before a court. And McGuire promises to be a more zealous advocate for the state's positions on immigration, gay marriage and voter ID.

Please vote for Perry McGuire for attorney general on Tuesday.

We need a new sense of urgency and direction in the highest legal office in the state.


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