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Richmond county property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Oct. 19-26. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:

OCT. 19

Towneclub Partners LLC to Edward R. Wysocki, Unit 2616B, Towne Club, Towneclub Condo, $101,800

Caroline M. Rhodes Pemberton to Robert Denoia, Section 2, 2760 Crosshaven Drive, Lot 24, Block N, Phase II, Quail Ridge, $115,000

Bernadine Mays to Elaine S. Biley, 1906 Lobelia Lane, Lot 24, Block A, Phase 2, Cypress Pointe, $116,000

1716 Rusk Drive Trust and Suzanne H. Butler Trustee to Curtis Whitaker and Burt Whitaker, Trustee's Warranty Deed, 1716 Rusk Drive, Lot 11, Block C, Ridgeland Acres, $105,000

Knox Foundation to City of Augusta, Augusta-Richmond County and Richmond County, 134.961 acres, Plat Book R87 Page 1639, Exception

Andreax S. Jarre to LLM Development LLC, Lot, Plat Book R321 Page 118, Lot 29, Bristol Woods

Travis Burkett to John H. Thomas, Lot 32, Block 3, on the south side of Clark Street, Plat Book 7F Page 31, 2026 Clark St., $60,000

Charles E. Broome to Grady C. Rice, Lot 3, Plat Book B812 Page 1365, $59,900

Leonardo Toscano and Marsha Toscano to April K. Beard, 2927 Raes Creek Road, Lot 9, Westwood, $183,000

James E. Payne to Charles F. Butler, Monique Butler and Judy Cason, 1.68 acres, Tract A, 627A Bennock Mill Road, $15,000

OCT. 20

Equity Residential and Ramblewood Apartments of Richmond County to Empirian Ramblewood I LLC, 7.41 acres, Tract 1, on the northwest corner of Center West Parkway and Bertram Road, 2549 West Park, $2,313,300

Barbara E. Kauffman, Phillip E. Kauffman and Kauphi Properties to Kauphi LLC, 6.0768 acres, on the west side of Richmond Hill Road West

Jerry Lee Ferguson and Jerry Lee Ferguson Jr. to Ferguson Electric Inc., Lot 39, Heard Place/Tubman Park, Plat Book 7R Page 127, 801 Metcalf St., $95,000

Victoria Jean Owens and Victoria Jean Prehn to Bertie M. Wunderlich and Robert M. Wunderlich, 2401 Jennings Road, Lot 10, Block L, Thomas Woods, $67,400

Daswon & Williams Construction Co. LLC to Gwendolyn B. Smith, Lot 6, Block B, Wisteria Hill, $174,000

Mary Rhoades Dickson to Jon Brandon Gibbs, Lot 20, Block H, on the south side of Fenwick Street, Plat Book 7T Page 297, $57,000

Heather M. Hargrove, Philip A. Hargrove Jr. and Heather L. Miller to James W. Buchanan, Lot 16, Block B, Plat Book 13Y Page 66, $77,800

Joanne P. Phillips and Robert E. Phillips to Mark James Guilfoyle Sr. and Mary D. Guilfoyle, 12.36 acres, Tract 10, Plat Book R359 Page 1065, Easement, $100,000

Dillard Browning to Hickman Road II LLC, 0.27 of an acre, Plat Book B2 Page 546, 938 Hickman Road, and 0.34 of an acre, Plat Book B2 Page 546, 940 Hickman Road, $950,000

Brothers Investment Group LLC to Hickman Road II LLC, 0.49 of an acre, Plat Book B2 Page 546, 930-936 Hickman Road, $840,000

Richard A. Wylds to William S. Cullum, Section IV, Part I, 2717 Vernon Drive N., Lot 15, Block K, Glenn Hills, $83,600

Marian W. Smith to Theirry A. Thezine, Lots 1 and 2, on the east side of Old Savannah Road, Plat Book 17E Page 407, 2602 Mike Padgett Highway, $45,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital Inc. Trust 2 to Jack W. Maddox, 2555 Richmond Hill Road, Lot 3, Block B, Pate Place, $84,900

Keith Williford to Jacqueline T. Brown and Dwayne M. Brown, Lot 19, Big Oak, $289,000

David L. Roscoe Jr. and Stefanie D. Roscoe to Kaye F. Gilliard, Section II, Lot 27, Block B, Ravenwood, $1,500

Front Line Homes Inc. to Anibal Negron and Maria Negron, Lot 49, Block K, Walton Hills, Section VII, Plat Book B2 Page 98, $173,200

Mattie D. Colton to Patricia A. Brown, Section 2B, Lot 5, Block L, Phase Two, Woodlake, $112,600

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Brian M. Dorr and Jacquelyn D. Dorr, Lot 87, Block A, Pinehurst, Section VI, Phase I, Plat Book B2 Page 547, $105,900

Value Builders Inc. to Rudolph Chambliss, Lot 22, Block B, The Hamptons, Phase I, Plat Book B1 Page 344, $167,900

Milton O.C. Richards, Simone Richards and Simone O. Richards to Mytrice L. Burton, Lot 6, Kenmare, $113,700

John Gary Dozier to John H. Hebbard Jr., 0.675 of an acre, on the west side of North Leg Road R-211 1755, $30,000

Ewing Fisher III and Felicia M. Fisher to Shantenet J. Blount, Lot 112, Block A, Phase II, Sand Ridge Estates, $16,500

Pauline Batchelor to Silas Hale and Ethel Hale, Lot, on the north side of Plantation Drive, 2417 Plantation Drive, $15,000

Eugenia Mae Royal to Dennison A. Royal, 443.4 acres, Tract 1, Plat Book 36K Page 688, Exception; and 564.847 acres, Tract 2, Plat Book 3

Eugenia Mae Royal to Dennison A. Royal, 7.57 acres, on the southeast side of Windsor Spring Road

Paul Howard Williams Jr. to C.K. Dray Trust dated May 30, 2006, and C.K. Dray Trust, Lot 41, Block A Sanderling, $1,000

OCT. 23

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Carol L. Horn, 2350 Rutherford Drive, Lot 6, Block B, Nottingham

Gerald C. Parsons and Janice C. Parsons to Richard Beasley and Petrina Beasley, Section IV, 3508 Mount Vernon Drive, Lot 14, Block H, Mount Vernon

Annie Ruth Lewis Hart and Ruth L. Hart to Artie R. Smith and Janice T. Smith, Lot 1, Block E, Montebello, $85,000

Wanda Masters Chambers and Wanda M. Cross to Sandy D. Gibson, Lot 38, Block E, Silver Crest, $59,000

Jennifer D. Myhand and Philip J. Myhand to Erin L. Smith, 0.48 of an acre, Lot 11, Storey Mill Road, Plat Book R528 Page 1080, $146,500

Shdonna Drumgoole and Shdonna Flournoy to Roosevelt S. Geter, Section Two, Lot 34, Block E, Pepperidge Pointe, $92,000

Dozier & Dunagan Properties LLC to Mark B. Crawford and Cynthia C. Crawford, Lot 28, Block I, Fleming Acres, $31,000

Steven G. Smithson to Charles T. Hooks and Althea P. Hooks, 2308 Prescott Place, Lot 20, Block B, Phase III, Amberlake Estates, $108,000

Anthony G. Gallo and Trudie G. Gallo to Latoya Jackson, Section I, Lot 39, Block B, West Hills, $113,900

Thomas A. Colgrove to Sada M. Huggins, Lot 3, Phase I, Ansley Place West, $330,000

Barbara Ann Hendley to Homesource of Burke County Inc., 1.15 of an acre, Tract 3, Plat Book B1 Page 102, 3651 Byrd Road, $18,000

Ida J. Dinu and Ida Jordan Dinu to Amy Elizabeth Barcafer, Lot 2, Block A, Ridgeland Acres, $96,500

Beverly A. Parker to Ona Pope, 5.05 acres, Tract 3, Horseshoe Farms, Plat Book R112 Page 2503, 916 Bennock Mill Road, $90,000

William Scott Odom to Evin Resto Soto, 2126 Buckhaven Drive, Lot 45, Buckhaven Place, $122,600

Tammy Rose Strange to Chad Patrick McNitt, 2525 Quail Run Drive, Lot 11, Block A, Quail Run, $143,000

Marlene Zeller Spears to Kathy Y. Jackson, Lot 15 and part of Lot 16, on the south side of Wrightsboro Road, Plat Book 11K Page 568; and Lots 13 and 14 ..., $70,000

Dereck B. Herrmann to Jessie O. Green and Shannon O. Green, 4303 Bath Edie Road, Lot 1A, Phase X, Creek Farms, $226,900

OCT. 24

510 Aumond Trust to Richard Heslen, Deed recorded at Plat Book B1054 Page 875, Corrective Warranty Deed, 510 Aumond Road, Lot 5, Block N, Brynwood

Wells Fargo Bank NA to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Section Six-B, Lot 10, Block T, Fairington

Chase Home Finance LLC to U.S. Veterans Affairs, Lot 12, Block C, Hancock Mill

Mamie L. Jenkins to Leonard F. Alfred, Section 1B, 3428 Morgan Road, Lot 3, Block A, Butler Manor, $48,000

Manije J. Irani to Inga Resley Nostvik, Lot 8, Block B, Creek View West, Plat Book R154 Page 1256, 2916 Running Creek Lane, $100,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Aubrey Hall, Section E, 948 Bluebird Road, Lot 4, Bedford Heights

Barbara M. Salter to Sarah Evans, 1.38 acres, Lot B, on the west side of Tracy Drive, Plat Book R112 Page 1021, $14,000

Nicklas R. Remeta to Mark D. Hawkins, Section V, Lot 24, Block G, Walton Acres, $159,900

OCT. 25

Diana M. McClain and Vernon J. McClain to Gaines & Allen Investment Group LLC, Plat Book B1059 Page 1145, 2705 Pebble Creek Court, Lot 15, Block A, Phase I, Pebble Creek; Exception, 328 Sims Ave., Lot 37, Evelynwood; Plat Book B1059 Page 1145, 2337 Travis Pines Drive, Lot 5, Block A, Harolton; Section II, 2905 Dahlia Drive, Lot 34, Block E, Rolling Meadows; Section VII, 1702 McIntosh Terrace, Lot 16, Apple Valley; and Section III-C, 3528 Monte Carlo Drive, Lot 29, Block E, Pepperidge

Bank of New York Trustee, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP and CWABS II Inc. LFT 2005 04 to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Section 1, Lot 30, Block A, Hancock Mill

KB Financial Services LLC and K.G. Watson to Robert S. Lacey, Section 9A, 3834 Fairington Drive, Lot 20, Block I, Fairington, $88,000

BDM Property Investments LLC and Blair Mahaffey to Richmond County Board of Education, Section 3A, 438 Sandbar Ferry Road, Lot 4, Block B, East View, $63,500

Lynda Bauer to Garey Gorham, Lot 30, Block A, Southside Square, $74,500

Lynda Bauer to Garey Gorham, Lot 29, Block A, Southside Square, $74,500

Iziah Smith and Patsy Smith to Rico Tarvers Nelson, 1946 Kissingbower Road, Lot 29 and parts of Lots 26 and 27, Block B, Engleside, $75,000

Richard E. Bailey to John F. Jarvis, Section One, Lot 33, Block H, Huntington, $132,000

Avery E. Witter and Tammie Witter to Ione D. Howard, Section IV, Lot 4, Block G, Pepperidge Point, $135,000

Kimberly C. Williams to Ava M. Safford, Section II, Lot 24, Block I, Apple Valley, $61,500

Stephen R. Wilkerson to Arlene McKinnon, Section II, Lot 13, Block F, Thomas Woods, $47,000

Clarence T. Bentley to Paul Davis, Section 2, Lot 33 and part of Lot 34, Berckmans Hills, $56,000

Lynne J. Owens and Lynne J. Smith to First Baptist Church of Augusta Inc., Tract A, Plat Book B2 Page 549, 1313 Jackson Road, $317,300

James Robert Owens III to First Baptist Church of Augusta Inc., Tract A, Plat Book B2 Page 549, 1313 Jackson Road, $344,300

Blanche E. Owens and Linda Owens to First Baptist Church of Augusta Inc., Tract B, Plat Book B2 Page 549, 1321 Jackson Road, $396,100

OCT. 26

First Bank of Georgia to James R. Key, Lot 124, on the east side of Wrights Avenue, 536 Wrights Ave., $18,600

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Lonnie Dozier, Section 2A, 3707 Capetown Court, Lot 20, Block H, McDuffie Woods

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Sol Grau, 3227 Ware Road, Lot 2, Block B, Harwood

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Mamie W. Knight, Section Nine, Lot 38, Block F, Cambridge, $192,900

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to James A. Houston and Jannet L. Houston, Section One, Lot 4, Block A, Granite Hill, $198,800

Devereux Keystone LLC to Mun Cha Sanders, Lot 3, Block C, Devereux, $124,700

Ziad A. Ahmadie to Olena Eisner, Lot, on the south side of Richmond Avenue, Plat Book 16G Page 194, 2020 Richmond Ave., $28,000

R&B Construction Inc. to Sean L. Hicks and Rachel N. Hicks, Plat Book B1031 Page 1772, Lots 45 through 47 and 56 through 58, Block A; and Lot 18 ...


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