Originally created 11/05/06

Rants and raves

THIS IS A RANT for all the supporters of the educational status quo in Aiken County. Aikenites seem to want to elect retired administrators and advisory council members who have already contributed to the educational problems of the school system. Maybe it's time for some new blood in the system.

TO THE PERSON who showed all of us that his head is as empty as the gaping hole on Georgia Avenue belonging to that downtown church. That pastor is a pulpit pastor and a visionary pastor and has done numerous positive works at that church. That pastor stays; you need to go!

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rant about the large church in North Augusta. I think I know what church they are referring to. It appears this church is thriving. They are ahead on their giving and are ahead on paying off their debt on the recent construction. Just because membership is down, that doesn't mean the church is struggling.

TO ALL OF YOU SRS workers, you brag of your safety record but you drive like maniacs on Bobby Jones Expressway, South Carolina Highway 125 and U.S. Highway 1. But who can blame you when you see your plant manager in his little silver BMW doing the same thing?

THIS IS A RAVE for the pastor at that downtown church on Georgia Avenue that has courageously and diligently brought God's people into the 21st century. Stay! Don't go!

IT'S TIME for the Aiken County school board to step up to the plate and get some new coaches at Midland Valley High School. How much longer do those boys have to suffer? The board needs to look out for the best interest of the kids. It's time for a change!

ONCE UPON A TIME many prominent Americans believed it was OK to own slaves, but slavery wasn't right. Many South Carolinians used to believe that segregation was acceptable, but segregation is not right. There was a time when women and blacks could not vote, but that wasn't right. In 2006, many South Carolinians believe that two men should not be allowed to legally have a loving and committed relationship with each other, but this isn't right. Even though homosexual relationships might be unacceptable to many South Carolinians, same-sex couples believe their love for each other is God-given and that it is as natural to them as the relationship between a man and a woman is natural to that couple. Yet the majority is trying to pass a constitutional amendment to limit the rights of fellow Americans who have different beliefs from them? Is this right?

I HAVE A RAVE for all of the bands that I had the pleasure of watching perform at the 3A State Band Competition in Clinton, S.C. They all did a superior job. The hard work, dedication, and creativity of the young people, their band directors and show writers continue to amaze me. I also have a big rant to the Midland Valley moms who continuously put down the North Augusta band as they were entering and exiting the field. They really put a damper on the event. I hope in the future they will stop and think about what kind of example they are setting for their children and what type of ambassadors they are being for their school. I didn't hear a peep out of them when the judges announced Midland Valley High School in sixth place and North Augusta High School in fourth place.

THIS IS A RANT for the local officers who are supposed to uphold the law. Where is it written that a woman can kick, slap, bite, scratch, hit, attempt murder, poison and abuse a man just because he looked at her wrong or wanted sex. Is she arrested? No. But all a woman has to do is call 911 and the man is off to jail charged with criminal domestic violence. What are a man's rights? We have none. Aiken County and Mike Hunt need to pay close attention. Where are a man's rights?

IN YOUR LETTER to the Editor on Oct. 31, what were you saying, Mr. Worrell? That it's OK to be a sex offender so long as you're a celebrity and come to Aiken with money to film a movie? I say, "Thank you, Channel 12, for a job well done."


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