Originally created 10/24/06

Unfortunately, negative ads work

If TV ads for candidates were limited to positive statements from candidates, political action committees and political parties, we all would be a lot better off. Most intelligent voters are turned off by mudslinging and deceptive statements made in these ads about opposing candidates. I know I'm sick of hearing about what the other candidate did not do.

I would like to hear more ads about what the candidates will do for middle- or low-income residents instead of innuendo and downright lies about their opponents. Misleading information, rumors and name-calling seem to work based on recent polls showing party favor moving in the direction of the accused party or candidate.

Voters should want to hear about what a great public servant the candidate has been or will be if elected, instead of twisted "facts" about the opposition. Do the research, find the truth and make an intelligent decision on this basis.

Turn off the political ads. There's no substance to 30-second mudslinging.

Ken Manfredi, Evans

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