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Time to catch up on reader mail: Travels, dogs and dogs

I believe in opening mail once a month, whether it needs it or not.

- Bob Considine

Mail is backing up, so let's see what folks are saying.

Ronald Hawkins, of Augusta, says he's having a great time. He sends a postcard from the Czech Republic, where the food is wonderful and the weather is nice. He says his friends are Karel Hendryeh and Petra Moravkova.

I'm not sure why he added that, but his card shows: "Pohled na Prazsky hrad a vymenu strazi," which we all know translates into "View of the Castle with the changing of the guard."

(I apologize if that is not what it says and I've just inserted something risque into a family newspaper.)

Closer to home is Mary Ann Kelehan, of Evans. She sends a card from Nebraska, where she is visiting Omaha, "a truly nice city."

Mary Ann, I can honestly add that over the past half-century I have noticed that when it comes to Nebraska, there are two kinds of people - those who love it and those who have never been there. I remain among the latter.

Charlie Williams read Friday's column about family pets and suggests, "You've gone to the dogs."

Laurie Lane, of Evans, is a little more critical of what she thought was my assessment of people who pamper their pets. To sum up, she wrote: "While I rarely read your column, today's headline attracted me because it mentioned dogs ... something that won't happen again."

I think she thought I was making fun of dog lovers. As most of you regular readers know, I spoil my little dog every chance I get.

While we're discussing transgressions, Lucius Bultman, of North Augusta, passed along a nice letter that points out that we had a 50th wedding anniversary in the paper last month that celebrated the big date as Sept. 15, 2956. I think we all can assume it should have been "1956."


MORE DOGS: Jim Duncan writes that our Oct. 13 edition showed a photo of a man walking his dogs on the lower portion of Riverwalk Augusta.

"My recollection ... is that there is a city ordinance against walking dogs on the lower section," he writes. "Am I wrong? I have two greyhounds and would love to take them to the lower section, but I never have due to the signs."

Mr. Duncan is correct. City code 1-5-54-c says can't walk a dog on the lower riverwalk, but you can walk a dog on a leash along the top of the levee.

Unless, of course, it's my dog who only has two speeds - sitting and running full speed.


TODAY'S JOKE: Here's one shared by Guy Taylor:

A friend, he says, was looking at some home-gym equipment with her husband. She stepped on a treadmill and said, "Honey, if you bought this for me, I would look like I did in high school."

Her husband looked at her for a moment and said gently, "Sweetheart, it's a treadmill, not a time machine."


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