Originally created 09/19/06

Ignore girl or ask officials at school to end bullying

THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM: I'm having this problem where an enemy (she used to be my friend) (is) talking about me a lot and stuff, calling me (names). She wants to fight me for some reason I do not know. ... What should I do, fight her back? Just leave her alone or ignore her and don't go her way or something?

XTREME REPORTER KAMILLE BOSTICK SAYS: There is always someone who won't like you for some petty reason or won't get along with you because of some differences with you and your personality. Only the immature think fighting will do anything to fix the situation.

It won't. Let this girl talk and call you names if that is what she wants. You can't be brought down by her words, but you can lower yourself by stooping to her level.

Don't call her names and say nothing to her. If you ignore this girl, she should get bored enough with you to leave you alone. If she's persistent or you feel you can't take the insults and the rumors, go talk with your principal or guidance counselor about her. You don't have to be bullied (bullying is what is going on here) and schools take that seriously.

Ask those in charge at your school to arrange a peer mediation session between the two of you - that way you both get to say what you think the problem is and work on ways to solve it.

If your school doesn't offer mediation, be sure to ask that they find some other way to make this girl stop acting like a third-grader who wants to "meet you after school" or "take it to the playground."

Try your hardest not to let the situation and other people lead you toward getting into an altercation with this girl. It's not worth the suspension, expulsion or the arrest if you fight in school.

Be the bigger person and learn to coexist.


My dad adopted me when he married my mom six years ago. Now they are getting a divorce and every time I see him, I expect to get money, or for him to help me out in some way. Sometimes I feel like that's all I want out of him. I don't know what I should do, and am I wrong for feeling this way? Is it his responsibility since he adopted me and I'm not really his daughter?

What would you say to this 17-year-old Beech Island girl?

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